Saturday, 27 February 2021

G'day champions, how's it all going. Good to be back again, and feeling pretty good bike wise. Have a Diavel in the house again, so this week, its new brakes, chain, oil change, clutch, and tyres. So all in all it's turning back into a nice bike again. Just have to sort out new color scheme to make it proper. Took the 851 for a bit of a thrash the other day as well ( I needed a head clear as things were getting a bit murky). I'm loving that bike, it's such a blast, pulling on my helmet forgetting about hassles and going out and listening to the Bwwoooorrr Bwwooorrr as you click through the gears. makes you forget everything. Still haven't got the garage sorted out as I'm waiting for the resource consent application to come through so that I can lodge it. I was being optimistic thinking that I'd have my garage in three months, looks more like 5 now. But hey it is what it is. It was funny when I visited the council offices all the same smells, peoples work styles ( the dis interested bland faces), and language came flooding back in, just like visiting the dental clinic really, except the pain is in your back pocket haha. So, what's happening well Motofest is coming up and all the lizards are planning trips from all over the country to reconvene again for a weekend of two stroke racing. Should be pretty amazing seeing all the old GP bikes belching lovely two stroke smoke into the pit lane air. Aaron Slight is riding a KR500 which has been tuned to perfection by Paul Treacy, so that should be bloody fantastic to see and watch AA ride it with a bit of verve. Plus its been a long long time between rides so the lizards are planning another trip , I certainly need to get away that's for sure. Sometimes, everything just seems to pile on in and it's bloody hard to get it out.  But enough of that here's this weeks episode for you all to enjoy, so enjoy, and if you don't enjoy not my issue. 

Vince Burrell twisting his lovely guzzi in. Well done, this man is a legend .

I love them, is it that obvious?

Even standard they are customized works of art.
Love this guys garage
It's that time of the year when the new MotoGP bikes are presented. This excites me a lot
They never show you the real damage

Noice mite noice mite

What NASA didn't show us.

A photo for my mate Ritchie

Now I do love this

A few thousand dollars sitting here

This is nice, perhaps I should think about getting one of these in the garage at some stage.

Guzzi's always seem to look fast.

Clean, simple, elegant, and fast.

The new Ducati looks like it's going to do the business, just standing still

One of the nicest bikes ever made, end of story
And one of the worst.

I've raced against this bike a few times. Kasper was it's name

Great bike great image, well done perfection.

This is what I have to do to keep council appeased

Clean garage to play in. Nice toy, cost somewhere in the 100's of millions

Love these three images of this Kawasaki, full congratulations to the owner/builder, this is simply stunning

This is what i started riding on haha

Brake porn.

Need more power

Still the best looking bike to come out of Japan.

 I thoroughly recommend this Gin, had with East Imperial Grapefruit tonic what a summer drink. I had a couple last weekend and the first taste made me smile, absolutely beautiful. You must try.

And that's all from me boys and girls. Hope you enjoyed it?