Saturday, 17 August 2019

Well well, here we are again, welcome to you all. had a good week this week, actually took the MHR for a little ride. Got a funny clicking noise coming from the front end, so will have to go and have a look at that to see what is going on. Had a few comments from people about how come I only seem to put up Italian or European motorcycles on my site. The reason? I'm not into little Korean scooters, Indian made rip offs, or Chinese made motorcycles, so I don't go looking for them. I put up images of things that I like and my searches do tend to run through motorcycles with an Italian or Euro bent to them. But that's not to say that I don't like other makes, I really love the era of big Japanese motorcycles as well. There are some brilliant motorcycles in there too. Some crazy motorcycles actually, from an era when we weren't so PC, so politically correct and the bureaucrats didn't seem to mind that we could grow up with minimal training and get on these what seemed like ridiculously fast machines and enjoy ourselves. I still recall a trip that my mates and I did down the south Island years ago on GSXR's, 200 kph plus was seen regularly on any given stretch of road anywhere anytime. Tyres were shredded, bikes crashed and repaired regularly, and we all got home tired knackered and exhausted, and satisfied that we had again cheated any major calamity. race days were looked forward too, and Boxing day was a major excuse to get on the bike, ride, enjoy the racing, getting drunk as, and riding home hung over. It's what we grew up on, and the friendships made then are all still in place 30 odd years later. Unfortunately kids these days prefer to enjoy their lives through mobile screens, and computers. It's quite sad really. Riding today is still the same, with older mates, the speeds have come down ( not always) and the amounts of alcohol consumed has lessened, although now the quality has increased. Next time you are riding with your friends check out the average age and you will see what I mean. So this weekly message to you all relives those days. So enjoy it, and have a good time when next out on your bike.

 Sometimes, just sometimes things don't quite work out how you would imagine.

 My SPS in full race trim.
 Two 916 Sp's ready for a season, as it turned out it didn't go all that well.

 Sometimes you just have to run them in, no matter what. Somewhere North of Gisbourne
 It did look nice in this scheme

 But having said that, these two looked right nice together. Pukekohe in 1990 I think

 A few images of Richard Scott in the day riding for team Roberts

 It's a 900 Hailwood......apparently
 Ohhhh look at all those Bevels.......
 Now that's what I'm talkin about

 Older guys, living the dream.

 Pretty little 550 race thang

 Great action shot

 Without doubt, one of the sexiest motorcycles ever invented

 Exactly the same model as my venerable old GSXR, epic motorcycles

 When things don't quite go to plan.

 Brute of a motorcycle

 How classically simple, love these older Porsche's

 getting real cosy, these two are.

 D Dog Dallas at Pukekohe giving it some

 Surprisingly the Diavel will actually handle ok.

 BMW concept ( really it looks finished) six cylinder, oh yes please

 Exactly like mine

 Now this is starting to look OK

 Bend it like...well a fricken magician.

 Just in case you've never seen one and always wondered how small they actually were!!!!

 I think he lost it, today, you'd wobble a bit and it would stand back up again.

 Some of my racing Kawasaki's, yes we did race them, this lot was cheaper to run for one year than the Ducati
 Chris and I at in the Ducati canteen, in another klifetime
 My superlight about to go out for the first time.
 Paint paint paint, I say it over and over again. This was mid paint but it still looked lovely
 Oh god, just a baby really ( 31 years old then)
 Me running the bar at Chattos landing, what an epic night, the landlord had to cook us Roast lamb, roast pork and all the trimmings from scratch, so got us to run the bar for her while she did that. It was freezing outside, but the fire was blazing and the bourbons were flowing

 I'm going there

Just started work restoring one of these, so keep an eye out for progress as i go through it. Currently the frame is away being painted, wheels have been blasted and are at paint, the engine is at the soda blasters, bits are being polished, decals all ordered and pieces replaced as needed. really looking forward to see thing one finished.

So that's this weeks one done, hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to share, and pass on, the more the merrier. Cheers