Tuesday, 27 September 2022

I always seem to start these blogs with an apology, once upon a time I used to do this every week, but the last few months of winter have been dragging out and I seem to be easily distracted. Having finally got that bloody garage neared to completion, I've been busy beavering away on that and getting lost in the final moves into the place. I've also been doing a fair amount of fishing which has been fantastic this year. Managed some how to get a couple of mates right in the middle of what we call a 'fresh'. After big rains the rivers in Turangi get flushed out washing all the fish back down to the lake. A 'fresh' is where they all travel back up the rivers to complete their spawning. So they head up in numbers and if, and it's a big if . if you get lucky you can be on a river when they come through. Well we were hooking up all morning with well over 20 fish caught in the mornings run. It was full on, to the point where I broke yet another rod, and by 12 o'clock my arm was absolutely knackered, and the smile on my face was a mile wide. What a day, a bit like Zane Greys Eldorado epics. Scotty and Richie were hooking into them as well, not quite believing what was happening. I caught 4 fish on my first five casts, that's how good it was. It made me think that perhaps this is a pastime that I should do more often, and am now thinking that I might actually move down that way so that I can have that on my door step. Having said that though, the weather is turning and the warmth of the coming summer is slowly but surely spreading through the Bay, and I just know that there are roads and rides to be on, so I guess we will have to see what's going to happen. I've also decided to pare down my bikes, there are some that I just don't use. So on the strength of that thinking I have ordered another bike!!!! But before my new bike arrives I will sell a couple of the bikes I don't use. I have ordered a new Ducati Desert X. which I am quite impressed with. The logic to this is a sit up and ride bike, that will take me down any road. Our riding group The Lizards have all made a slight move to the left and are now including rides that have some gravel content which I have always enjoyed. So what with so many KTM's and now Pan Americans in the mix , it seemed only natural that a big bore all purpose bike was always going to happen. It's happened to me before, your bikes are really dictated by the rides you and your mates go on, so now's the time for me to get a bike that I can ride in all terrains and still be quite comfortable. And obviously it had to be a Ducati, I mean what else would I ride. So enough rambling here's a blog for you all to enjoy, so enjoy, and you never know, you just may cross paths with me this coming summer on a gravel road somewhere near you, Stay tuned.

This is what i have been doing, not this one exactly, but putting tools up and getting ready for some builds

Garages seem to have been figuring in my life of late, it's only natural to see some images of them.

I do like this Guzzi. Love the frame.

Andrew out with his lads, giving some pointers. What bike can't this guy ride, GP Bikes, big bore japanese, the Britten, pretty much everything and then a Suzuki Dr Big. Amazing talent and a great all round good guy.


Now this is a garage.

dallas getting to have a 'go' on a sidecar. pretty amazing really.

A piece of wood. All that technology and it's a piece of wood.

So that finsihes that blog fo eyt another month. I've still got plenty of images, so keep your eye out.