Wednesday 29 November 2023

Hi there to the faithful, how's it all going out there. Just been away for a quick three day blast up to the top Oh the North. Good ride on the Multistrada, with the exception of the seat. Why cant manufacturers make comfortable seats from the get go.  I was in so much pain by the time I got home it wasn't funny. But the seat is now in for a few extra layers of foam, and I guess we will just have to see how that goes. Have to say I am really enjoying the Multistrada,. I had a mate who had one when they first came out and it was ridiculously fast, but he sold that and moved on. I dont know why he sold it, because pound for pound they are a perfect motorcycle for the roads and distances that we travel in this country. 500-600k days are just brilliant. They are fast, carry shit loads, handle really well and for the price $8k they are excellent value for money. Had some good laughs on the way and certainly enjoyed the company.  Jesus some of those towns up North are Feral, thats for sure. It was mentioned that we'd better leave town before we end up on a Hangi. Not the friendliest of greetings 
I've managed to put part of my plan into place and have sold my commercial unit which was a bit of a relief. This means that I can now stay here in the Bay for the foreseeable future. Once house prices bounce back then it's onto plan B. What a drama that was. I'm looking forward to heading down south  to catch up with friends and family over the next couple of months. The only issue is that I have the dog with me and that means driving, but I can also carry all my fishing gear as well, so will will just have to see what happens. The weather is certainly turning and there seems to be more talk of rides which is always a good thing. Speaking of good things here's the new blog for you all. Have a great Christmas and you never know, you may just see me out there enjoying this country over the break.

I know its been on here before, but this is probably the most handsome bike ever made

Scary shit, wasn't Vale so so lucky

Never seen so many BIG brown tout in one place all in a feeding frenzy, amazing to watch and wishing I had my gear with me.


I remember looking at this exact same view the day we got taken through the race department at Ducati. For the time it was amazing technology having those injectors sitting way up there in the air.

Today they'd call this exceeding track limits, but then it was just hard racing

Stunning from Arai

Top of the North

Jesus, she's all a bit crowded in there
Good quality road food
Oh yes please

I love being on the road, for a whole bunch of reasons and choices

A very good friend of mine, never afraid to try something different

And that's all from me, have a safe Christmas and see you out there.