Friday, 26 July 2019

Good day to you all. Well the MHR is finally finished, and its looking pretty bloody good. I can't quite believe that it has taken 4 months to do this. A massive learning curve along the way that's for sure. And some issues that could have easily been avoided, both by me and others, but you live and learn I suppose. Anyways it's all done, up and running, just trying to get 2 spring clips for one gas line and it will be ready to photograph and put up on EBay. I thought it was sold to a guy in America, but he has since bought a SS ( an SS sounds better), so now we go about selling it. The Scuderia NCR is going up on the stand today for the dismantle process to begin, and the hopefully not so long road to turning that into another beautiful Ducati classic. I must admit to have really enjoyed the process of re building this motorcycle, and seeing it transform like a Phoenix rising from it's rather inauspicious beginnings. I perhaps went too far with some things in an attempt to get it just right, but at the end of the day you can't beat getting it just right. And it is just right, that's for sure. Would you pay 12 pound for the period correct sticker on the left front fork?, Ha Ha because I did. And now looking at it, I have a quiet smug self satisfied feeling for going that extra bit to ensure of its correctness, and it's proper value. I mentioned on my FB page the other day I was quietly shitting myself about fitting the screen having never done that before, as I didn't want to crack it when drilling. The solution? My trusty soldering iron, it was perfect, worked a treat by melting the correct size hole, and once the very front one was done, it was really only a matter of an hour to have it mounted perfectly, so a handy tip for all you restorers and builders out there. 
Anyways keep you eyes peeled for the sale of this stunner in the next couple of weeks and continue to enjoy my little corner of the world.

When things go west, they tend to go west quickly

Guzzi out there doing it, not a lot of people will understand the allure of these bikes they are definitely an acquired taste, but once you do manage to get a couple of thousand K's under your butt you begin to see the fascination of them, and just how great a motorcycle they are.

Surprised they got that into the air, fricken heavy things they were

Si, we go thisa way, no no no we go thata ways

We don't have characters like this in WSBK anymore

Pretty sure this is Malcolm Smith from On Any Sunday fame, adjusting his googles while on the fly

Ducati always have this knack of making the mundane look so beautiful

A Couple of Japanese brothers out for a Sunday spin in the mountains
And some of our MV, Italian riders here in NZ out for a spin as well.

Always like the full on Honda race bikes, they had purpose. Don't think this is Aaron's one, maybe a copy, but still pretty good.

Mind you Kawasaki always did a pretty good race bike too.

I never was a fan of the old Targa, but these new ones are pretty awesome.

Zap, haha this is a great shot
getting it right down, when it's too fast to interpret the science of Physics, and you just have to go with the flow.

Classic beauty

Suzuki could always build a classic too, this thing has stance

Love it when people think they can do a better paint scheme than the factory, and end up being well, right.

Seb, being a cool guy, well done, there's another image of him arriving at another GP on his MV too. Funny how the car guys all love their bikes too.
My home town looking resplendent it is foggy coat, see those hills in the background?, that's where I learnt to ride motorcycles, many many moons ago, when they were criss crossed with fire breaks
Ohhhh the goodness in this shot

Just fantastic

There's nowt like a really deep dish Fuchs rim.

We had a debate a night or so ago over a few, as to who made the best tail piece, I of course went for the Ducati 916 single seat, a couple went for this one.

Yeah, Nah, it's no match for the 916, sorry but it's not

Me want

I remember my first ride on one of these, I wasn't that impressed, but it has formed the basis of many a cafe rebuild, so I like it.

Read this story, not too sure if it's true, but if it is, I hope it is. This guy built this bike, so his legally blind brother could enjoy the open road and a ride with him. I hope it;s true because that's pretty fucking amazing

How good is this?

Now this is one race bike that i do love, so I've put up all the images of it. This is just classic

Ha ha, I had one of these, it could tell me that it was going to rain about two days before it did, it did not like moisture

This is such a fantastic shot of MM, 200K's plus, tipping in, rear wheel off of the ground, front suspension compressed all the way in, foot down, aren't we lucky to have witnessed so may greats in the last 20 odd years of moto GP greatness. And he's probably right in the middle of changing one of his maps too!!!!

Honda RS50, revved to 21000 rpm YOIKKSS
H1's, H2's,Titans, Waterbuses. triumphs, Z1's all sitting there waiting for someone to give them life again

These things were bad ass in their day, still love them

That's a big bevel

It has to be photoshopped, seriously?
 It's not to my liking, but it looks great on the road

 Yes, I know the site has had a lot of these the past few weeks, but it's understandable really

 Some more of our Japanese Ducati and motorcyclist brothers out enjoying their rides.
 Love the clear float bowls on these Leccies
 Now every once in while, you will see good paint, then you will see great paint, this is great paint

 I mean how busy is this

 Love what these two did, one positive, one negative and yet they are both stunning

 The tank that built a thousand replicas

 Lucky he wasn't in India, they probably would have been carrying a wardrobe

That's all folks, have a great weekend, and enjoy your time on your bike, and with your mates.