Thursday, 30 November 2017

Well what a week, Still getting over the theft of all my gear and dealing with the issues that Insurance companies have, but I will get there with them. This entire drama has certainly put me out, here I was thinking that I am going fishing ( my other great passion in life), next week and I get the call that says "are you ready for Sunday?". Wha........ this Sunday?, yes this Sunday, so grab what gear that I had left from the robbery hit Hunting and Fishing bought some replacement gear and headed off. And I can tell you what a few days it was. We flew into the Ngaruroro River on the Napier Taupo Road for 4 days of relaxed fishing. Or so I thought.... remember how I was soaked wet the weekend before riding around Northland, well I was in for a bashing, a bruising, and a couple of moments where I thought is this how my story ends. I was tipped out of my boat, trapped against some rocks in the middle of a rapid with no footing, nothing to grab, all the rocks covered in slime, no air and the raft pinned on top of me bent around the rock, not being able to breath is a pretty scary thing. So I rolled my knees up and got washed around the rock and managed to get out, the raft went the other way thank goodness and I managed to survive. It was pretty scary stuff. But it absolutely knocked the stuffing out of me, and being low on energy at the best of times, I decided that on our second to last day the guys could continue the trip down to the next hut where the chopper was waiting for us and that I would stay put and let the chopper come and get me. pretty sobering stuff really. Riding motorcycles is a whole lot less dangerous. Have to say though, that just off of the road here in NZ, it is a pretty amazing place, so beautiful and so amazing to be in. Get out there and do it.

Vince's shop looking pretty good it has to be said.

Nice line up of big bore Kawasakis

A CX 'Plastic maggot' enduro

Very very pretty motorcycle


 Sod this for a laugh, a bit like me in the raft, but on a much much bigger scale. These guys are crazy
 I've touched that fairing haha

Nice tank bag tool roll.

 My good mate Richard Scott on his works Yamaha, there's not too many in the world who can say that they raced at the very top for a top team, but Scotty can.
I've actually seen this guy on the Dessert Road a few years ago.

 These things were bloody varmints that's for sure, nasty old things, but what a revelation when they hit our tracks and firebreaks

 My jacket that was stolen seen here being signed by none other than Agostini
 Which one is cooler, this young fellow knows

Usual biking story " some turkey just pulled out right in front of me".

 Check out this barn find, apparently there were about 12-13 cars, just sitting there dying

Titanium pipes look like no others, pure sex on a motorcycle.

Like the look on their guy " oh Shit", the other " haha soft landing".
Still nothing quite as nice as a LeMans

Wow...check out this flake.

And just to prove it, we did actually catch some stunning high river fish, beautiful things they are, a quick photo and back they go.

This is my good friend Wes, a Californian who comes out every year and fishes out beautiful rivers. He knows more rivers in this country than even we do, he's also a shit hot Oncologist, and helped me so much during my troubles.

Now here's some advertising for you all

I have this really nice GT1000 for sale

And this absolutely stunning ZRX, as you know these are one of my favourite bikes and they cant really be beaten on our roads for all day riding, more power then you know what to do with and just all day ride-ability.

And that folks is this weeks little corner of my world