Monday, 3 December 2018

Well, this one is a bit of a milestone, according to the records, this is blog number 300. Shit thats nearly 6 years of putting this out every week. OK admittedly, I have missed  the odd week or two in that time, understandable really, but 300!!!!! Can't really believe it to tell you the truth, so on average thats about 200 images an issue, so thats 60,000 images that I have put up here. God knows how many bourbons, you have all consumed looking at my weekly issue. It doesn't really bear thinking about, I think the bourbon companies should send me some free product haha. And Tag Heuer, they should chip in as well. Never mind though, I have to say it has been a pure pleasure putting it together for you all. Just the other day, I was coming out of my nut and bolt place, and a guy pulled up on a CX500, I got to chatting with him, and as the conversation progressed, it dawned on him that he follows my blog, his face lit up and he shook my hand saying " I was just looking at your blog this morning, it's bloody fantastic". made my day that did, I cracked a smile all morning thinking about that. So it's quite funny where and how this blog gets about, and how it seems to meet with the general approval of you all, so without any more fanfares here's episode 300. Enjoy and share please.

I've actually done this myself

Zig heils Angels

 It's called Torque

And on that note, all I can say is a big thank you to you all, for following me, and for all the words of encouragement over the past few years, I know it's easy, as this thing called motorcycling is a bug for us all, and once in your blood, it's in your blood for good, so carry on, ride hard, enjoy your mates, and have a quiet one later tonight and be thankful for the horsepower that is given to us.