Saturday, 4 July 2020

How's it all going, ready for another episode of the best motorcycle blog out there on the web? Sorry it's Sunday morning, I've been away for a couple of days picking up some bikes. It's been so long in lockdown that I had almost gotten to the stage where doing nothing seemed the norm. But a couple of interesting bikes came up, so I headed off and now they are sitting in the workshop while I decide what i am going to do with them. The first one is pretty easy really, it's a Ducati 750 F1, frame number 19, engine number 22, so that's a no brainer, that one is for a restoration, being one of the very first F1's to be made ( first few days I'd say), the second one is a 2016 BMW R Nine T Pure. You all know how much I like those bikes, so it's off to the frame technician to be straightened ( a little knock to the front), and then I will set to and customise that one. So busy busy again which is bloody great. My hat goes off to the guy on the Ducati Multistrada heading south on the Dessert Road the other day. Out temperature on the dash said 2.5 degrees and it was snowing from Taihape to Turangi and I mean snowing with snow banks on the side of the road up to about 500mm. Couldn't quite believe my eyes when he came around the corner in a blizzard. brave man who ever you are. But I guess that's what motorcycling is all about, he will have a tale to tell I'm sure, and I would bet any amount that he had his heated grips on. Aren't they wonderful inventions. So anyways lets not muck around, lets get this weeks installment underway. Enjoy.

Lovely color scheme on this monster

A very famous Ducati down under that's for sure.
Pretty little Guzzi, don't they look fantastic when they are done properly

Clean and simple
Bazzer getting ready for the go.

Hmmm don't know what to make of this image, but apparently they do grow on trees

Never really liked the V max that much, but this one does it for me
Pretty, a nice meld of old and new.

Isn't it just beautiful?

I like the headlight surround, where have I seen that before?

Pitlane antics from the past

I remember days like this


Now this l;ooks like a lot of fun


There's an awful lot of work gone into this bike.

How do they do it, even just the engine looks bloody beautiful

Ohhh Nooo, this is just so wrong.

OK, that's it for the week, as I said it would have been out earlier, but I was away, so you'll just have to put up with that haha. Great to see a few friends while away i do enjoy that, and I do enjoy putting this out for you all. Share, like , comment, what ever but spread the word. Ride fast.