Thursday, 12 July 2018

So, here we are again, how's it all going out there? Had an interesting reaction to my share like and follow on Facebook last week. So i will announce the winners on that later today. I am constantly surprised at how far this little blog travels, it seems to get to all corners of the world. The latest up take in the data is South Africa, so go figure. Anyways I'm on the mend and everyday seems to be a bit easier. All my new fiberglass arrived this week all the way from Czechoslovakia so the build of the ST4 commences. I'll have some images of that over the next few weeks for you all.
Whats up with all the road racing deaths in the past couple of weeks, my opinion, the bikes are just way to fast now days for the tracks that they were racing 30 hp motorcycles on back in the 1950s. It just seems to make sense to me that a 250 hp fire breathing monster even with all the handling and suspension and tuning mods, just cant go around a corner at the speeds that these young guys are racing at. I spoke with Bruce Anstey a couple of years back at the IOM and even he said that the bikes were just too fast for the track, so the limits aren't in the bikes they are in the roads they are racing on. So there you go, juts my opinion.

Just because it's a stunning shot....ok

Lean it right on in......

Love these

This is a very very tasty Guzzi.

So so wrong.

Right, that's it, I'm slipping sideways out of here for the weekend, so take it easy, ride safe, keep it upright. Time to work fully on this cold, I need this like a moose needs a hatrack.