Sunday, 18 October 2020

This week, I kind of feel like I've been exceeding track limits, just did too much and it nearly knackered me. Been riding a fair bit as the weather warms up and been hitting the river a bit too. Then Thursday I woke up and just about nearly couldn't be bothered raising my head. So for the last couple of days I've been taking it real easy, the last thing I need is another cold or worse a flu. The build on the F1 grinds to a bit of a hold as I seek out parts that seemingly aren't available any more, but I believe through my contacts that I have managed to find them. Still hunting for that elusive F1 exhaust muffler and a steering damper, that seems to be holding me up a bit as well. Got an electrician coming in to look at the wiring. It seems I have discovered the issues with a 9000 Kilometer bike being parked up. It looks like it has an electrical issue and the owner had no way of sorting it, so he just parked it away, all the better foe me really . I also discovered the both master cylinders were blocked ( this thwarted my attempts to bleed the systems), but have that in hand now. My Guzzi has been promised ( heard this a lot) for later this coming week. Starting to get just a wee bit pissed of at this, next week, next week, next week, now I am a very very patient person ( I'm a trout fisherman after all) but it's starting to wear bloody thin. I'm giving him this week and then I'll take it back. Still haven't made up my mind on what bike to get yet although it is down to about three, a Diavel, an 888, or a very nice Paso, my world just isn't right with out a Ducati in it.

I'd be a bit pissed at the painter

Modern luggage systems have come a long long way


Beautiful work here

The hours and the pain staking work that must have gone into this is amazing, not my thing, but still to be admired
Carbon rods, all the goodness of being light and strong
That's a bit better, at least it's straight

This is what you call exceeding track limits, well done that man
Every kawasaki in those days came with a carrot

And that's how you get into a sports car

Alfa Romeo lift technicians 

This guys gone out looking for his kid

Juts remember this when you walk out to your attached workshop and want to go for a ride

This is how I felt when riding the R Nine T home last week