Saturday, 23 May 2020

Hello to you all, well what a strange week this past week has been. Some of it Gob smackingly stupid, some of it just down right dumb. Had my birthday yesterday, pretty good seeing as the Doc's said that I might not make that, but there you go. The image below came across my desk last week, I'd never seen it before, but it was pretty much one of the first race meetings that I ever did and on my brand new 900 Supersport. I didn't have a clue really, I was or I thought I was pretty fast on the road, but this thing taught me so much in the baptism of fire so to speak that is racing. It was a fun beautiful bike to ride, so I'm quite chuffed to be able to have the image and to be able to share.
As per usual this weeks blog is full of all sorts of images for you to enjoy. had a friend make a comment the other day, that there seems to be an awful lot of work being done on BMW's out there, and I noted the same as I trawled through the web, there is an awful lot. Just as well I like them then.
Managed to get out last weekend for the first time on my own BMW, and I just had a blast, I was smiling ear to ear for about 3-4 hours afterwards, it was so good. All great fun. I also meet a lovely lady during that ride, so that was even better. Well enough prattling on, have a great weekend, be kind to your friends and family, enjoy your bikes and your mates.Getting ready to hit the road next week for the first Lizard ride, see some of the country again, spend some money on local businesses and show the rest of the world that we as kiwis are a pretty resilient lot really. Enjoy, and share please.

A couple of lizards at Manfield, Aaron and Richard both on FZ'z. Weren't they a great bike.
 Dave Cole lined up on my 900 Superlight, look at the competition, the guzzi was no problem, but the two on the far left of the image proved to be in a different class. Robert Holden on the Fast and Fragile Ducati, and Jason McEwen on the Britten

 Scotty on the Lucky Strike Yamaha

 The space shuttle heading out, great image

 Clean and simple, how good does this thing look?

 I love this shot

Now this is nice, build it Suzuki

 Another happy Lizard


 And this one, build it Suzuki

That's it for the week, I'm going riding , them I am going fishing again, this time with hand warmers haha