Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Welcome once again to my little corner of the world. It's been another week of drama ( a re occuring theme it seems at the moment). Another low life has been caught and has pleaded guilty to the theft at my shop. I am still finding things that have been stolen as I move through the space and go " oh shit that was there but not now". It's a right royal pain in the arse that's for sure. Had the assessors through to look at the three poor little Ducatis that have been smashed for no other reason other then to smash them. It really pisses me off, for no other reason. Why? All to often they and us use the word methamphetamine or P as the excuse, but it's not an excuse, it's the reason. No one forces these people to take P, that's there decision and then they do stupid shit. And when they get caught everyone shrugs their shoulders and goes " oh it was P", as if thats the fault. Bullshit!!!!! The reason is that person decided to take it. Enough of that rant, onto better things, the shop is coming back together, new tools are being bought, new product being shipped into the shop, so very soon I should be back to normal. Sold a few T shirts this past few weeks I guess as a show of general support for the shop which has been great, but your all going to have to wait until I can get the new designs printed. Please be patient. So here's this weeks collection of general motorcycle stuff  and other stuff for you all to enjoy. Go grab a bourby.....whiskey what ever your chosen poison is and take some time to take some time. Enjoy.

 Mate you bring the beer ok? Sorted!!!!!

 Nasty little things these are.

 No one quite manages to bend, mold shape or form metals like these guys.

 The new world champion, I didn't used to like him, but you've got to give it to the little guy, he can ride the wheels off of these things. A very worthy Champion....

 What art......

 My old friend Robert Holden hooking the Ducati up.
 Paul Pavletich hooking the same Ducati up.


 Brendan Hartley's new helmet for F1, Go that man.

 The V4 Ducati grandfather.......
 Noice work mite.

 That's what you fitted in the day to make them go.
 Jason and Andrew getting down on the Brittens, it didn't stay that way for long and Jason was gone.

 A very nice job Kawasaki, a worthy replica of a beautiful motorcycle, I hope it goes hard....what am I saying it's a Kawasaki, it will.

 Two of the best looking Ducatis ever made.

 This is what a drag engine piston and rod look like, built for strength
 Unbelievable really

 nom nom

 Roger De Costers garage, look at all those pretty little RM's.

 This was a seriously fast and cool motorcycle.

 Marquez would have got it......

 It looks strange, but it worked real nice

 The pits, it never changes......

 What was that......erh the land captain.