Sunday, 24 March 2019

Well that was a few days and a half wasn't it? Still seems so unreal, that something like that could happen here. It doesn't seem real because all I am seeing of the Christchurch atrocities is on the news, and it seems that every time we see shit like this, it's in some other country and really doesn't effect us all the same, but now it's on our back door step. I do love the way Kiwis gather round though when things are tough and offer assistance, it's something that we have that I think no other country has, and perhaps that is what makes us different to the rest. So there you go, I've said my piece on this atrocity, this terrorist attack, and i am sure that our thoughts over the past few days have been with the people who suffered at the hands of this idiot.
So on with the weekend, I am meeting up with a couple today  Rod and Jayne. I met these two at the IOM 2 years ago, I was sickeningly sick and basically spent nearly all my 6 days at the Arundel Hotel in bed. Well these guys looked after me, treated me with kindness and to this day I have never forgotten them. So they are here in NZ and I am going to meet with them, so quite excited by that prospect.
Bikes? Well the MHR is nearly back together, engine in, looking Sapristi nachos if I do say so my self, I love putting these things together, they are all clean and new and you dont get your hands dirty, kind of like  a mini Kindig it Design show really. There are some images of the bike towards the end of this blog.  It's a pretty eclectic mix of images this week, it's just how I surf the www. So here we go, enjoy, share, spread the word, have a great ride.

A Kiwi hard charger Robbie Deans last corner over the bridge onto the start finish line at Wanganui, he did this an awful lot, but the entire way through his career this was how he approached things, full steam ahead. hard bastard.

 I miss events like this

What a lovely system

 Getting ready, this guy has it sorted

I do like, I say I do like a great burger

I do love good architecture as well, I'd love to live in a place like this.

 Don and Jacob after a very successful weekend on the Kramer, great to see.

 This is why you split lanes

I remember the times when we used to do this, learning all about wobbly frames, woefully inadequate tyres and brakes, don't know how we survived sometimes, saw a lot of rural ditches up close though.

Pure brake porn.

Nice seats, better then first class that's for sure

 Shameless plug, I totally recommend these guys if you are planning on buying anything, competitive rates, quick and on the ball. So when your thinking about buying something give these guys a call. I use the Tauranga office. GYSOT

 Who didn't have one, the enduro that changed so many young boys lives

 How cool is this?

 That tank stripe is not straight, and I do understand that the left hand cylinder is more forward, but it's still not straight

 Love these, had a limited edition one once, it was a beautiful bike, wonder where that is now?

 The little scoop that is causing a wind up the backsides of all the other manufacturers, bet we see them appear on their bikes soon

 How clean is this build?

 The best helmet design Adamo

 Stunning restoration

 On the way to school
 On the way home for lunch from school haha

 Shoe horn that thing in there, well done that man

 There's one for sale here for a little over $11K NZD, that's cheap

This is the MHR Millie ( one of the last 250 built) that I am currently building, it will be up for sale in about 4-5 weeks, so if anyone is interested give me a call. Don't just send me a message saying "How much". If your serious we will both know.

Clean machine

 Bevels live here

Electrics going back in now

 This still needs a good clean up
 Rear guard all painted and new indicators in place

 It's all about attention to detail

So there you go, that's this weeks blog, all up to date, present and corrected. Have a great week, enjoy your mates and that warm afterglow of a great ride and a nice JD and ice. See you.