Thursday, 14 January 2021

So here we are again, welcome to you all again. Been a busy few weeks moving into the new home, and getting things laid out and sorted as to where they should be and go. Glad I am not planning any more moves that's for sure. Been buying all sorts of house shit that you need, weed eaters, red bands, hedge trimmers, haha, it's been a bit strange buying shit that I got rid of years ago. Managed to get out for a couple of days fishing, although my efforts as far as conservation far exceeded my efforts to actually take a fish. But it was still good to get out and about and take some fresh air. My guzzi is proving to be a bit troublesome, it seems that the electrician who did the first take has completely mucked things up, and even buying a new loom, we are still having issues in that the new switch gear does not match up to the new wiring loom. I can see this costing me a lot of money.. But I know that when I get it back it will be perfect. So I'm being a patient bastard. There's a ride coming up for the South island which I am hoping to have the Guzzi for, failing that I will be on the Diavel. Haven't done a South island ride in a couple of years, so looking forward to that. I'm just going to pack and head off, meet up with the guys and ride a bit with them, then head further South for a few more days and then cruise home. Looking forward to having a ride with no itinerary. I do have to be in Wellies for a couple of important dates with the Doc's but that's all. Ah,  the pistol in the neck, it never leaves you, and occasionally gives you a nudge just to remind you that it's still there. Got to live each day as it comes I suppose. And there's a lesson to you all in that, so take heed. Anyways here's the weeks blog for you, enjoy.

What a great shot of Rossi

Road food is good for you.

When they came out I went "Yeah Nah", but now I really like them.


Even this model look better with age

Love the elegance in the design of the top triple clamp. Nothing else required.

Now this is well done.

This lad is on the case hard.


I'm pretty sure this is a Seeley frame.

Now this is nice

Paint, paint paint, no matter what you do to a bike, it all comes down to the paint

This gut is getting down

Now I would have lifted that pinstripe up by about 3mm so that it met the hole directly in the middle,

I'd do that

Just subtle mods everywhere


Ducati Porn

The 'Hippie', he was without doubt the fastest man on a Britten.
My Superlight surrounded by Brittens