Friday, 13 December 2019

Merry Christmas fellow motorcyclists
OK then, here's the last blog for the year, I made it extra big, so don't spoil yourself on too much of the main before you get to the dessert. I'd like to take a moment to thank you all for clicking in and viewing the blog, I've enjoyed it immensely. I know sometimes that it may not sound that way, but each and every installment has been a pleasure, and it's been a real pleasure to meet with some of you over the year as well. I went to an opening of the new classic motorcycle store in Mt Maunganui the other day, and there were two people wearing the Carbon Art T shirts, so that's always pleasing. It's actually quite amazing how far they have gone, I've got pictures of them in Paris, London, at the Bike Shed motorcycle show, the Isle of Man, it seems that a lot of you travel a fair bit. Speaking of which, some of the Lizards are off to Japan next year for the Suzuka 8 Hour and a few days touring around Japan, that will be great. I am supposed to be meeting my kids in Las Vegas next year as well, so am trying to plan to get there early and spend a few weeks looking around on a motorcycle, will try and ride from LA to Miami I think, that sounds like a great ride and take in the Barber museum on the way through. I can do this now because sooner rather then later I am not going to have my workshop here, I am leasing the space out and moving. I've been doing some serious house looking, and item 1 on list of things to have a big garage , item 2 close to fishing, it's not as easy as you would think. But the search continues, I should find something in the next 2 months don't you think? Anyways enough prattling on, here's the final christmas 2019 blog for you all, have a great Christmas, enjoy your family, and your mates, and most of all your riding, be careful the roads full of fuckwits this time of year. See you at Wanganui. Oh Yeah!!!!!

I remember when these were released, everyone was gob smacked, WOW everyone had to have one, then the little 125 Elsinore came out and then the little Yamaha, and all of a sudden we had dirt races all over the firebreaks and farms of New Zealand. A magic time.

Always always wear a helmet.

You can't beat quality road food

Yeah, I dont know either

Moto martins, these were a real beast in the day, don't see many around anymore?

It never changes does it.

Made in NZ, there are some gloriously talented people doing all sorts of crazy shit in their sheds, this one from Lower Hutt. The color.....hmmmm not so sure, but you cant help but admire the engineering

There can only be one, the best looking rear end in automotive history,,,,,ever!!!!!

Off to the BURT

He must ride a Moto Guzzi T3

This is what happens when you let drunken dummies drive your 4 x 4

A Moto Guzzi Nativity scene, I like it