Wednesday, 30 August 2017

 Welcome back, been a busy old week, as you can tell the blog is late, again!!!! Sorry about that, but there seems to be an awful lot of stuff happening in my world at the moment, bike buying, bikes causing me all sorts of dramas, up to my eyeballs in grinders, cutting, sanding and general dirty work. been to Wellington and had another check up, and now after all these years I've decided to get my hearing checked and it looks like I need to do something about that as well. I reckon those three years in the stainless steel factory just about ruined my hearing, plus years of riding bikes and having engines in my ears. But never mind, it's age I guess. Just as well we have bikes to get rid of the stresses and dramas in our lives eh?. So on with this weeks blog here it is in all it's glory. Enjoy.

This id what happens when your flying into shit.

I certainly miss my Yamaha
I am lost for words when I see images like this.

A very very nice Guzzi, haven't seen too many of them lately.

How about 4 spitfire engines!!!!!

Slighty going hard

Put it on the roof.

Aaron was at the British GP to unveil the Castrol LCR so they bought out one of his bikes to look at as well.

Apparently the ship moved over 25 meters backwards ( sideways) when they did this

Aren't workshops a nice place to be?

That's torn it.

Trouble me thinks.

The view of the eclipse from the space station.

And.....and he saved this, this young guy is a master
Titanium goodness from Brembo, this is why they are the best in the business.

I had a friend descibe a lady once as made as a bag full of hammers...this is what he must have meant.

Yeehhaaa who hasn't done this?

1 new katana anyone?

How neat is this?

This guy has been riding from Europe to Japan all year, he's there now

And late at night a candle burns

Now I don't normally put up images like this, but don't jump into hay bales!!!!!
1 of six made, this one the only alloy one, very rare and found in a barn in Japan, apparently $2 million and its yours.

And once again folks that's a wrap. have a great week and enjoy yourselves in what ever you are doing.