Friday, 28 August 2015

Well believe it or not this is actually the anniversary of the blog, three years, shit that's hard to believe really. Thousands of images have past through these portals for your pleasure, and I am pretty chuffed with the 'international' viewership. In fact I'm just pretty pleased all round really. Is there time to reflect on this? Well you'd think so. but no not really lets just get on with site and enjoy it. 

This is released today as a special for you all.

 Sometimes when you're out walking the strangest things come flying by.

 Burning Man is a place that must be visited at least once in your lives.
 Nice shop

 Quite like these, KTM have said that they will no longer produce this as there is no need for 200hp plus motorcycles. Really?

 I'm really loving this color scheme.

 Here's that clssic Ducati from the UK's workshop again. these guys do stunning work.

 My mate Robbie Phillis got a present this week. Nice
 Terry's boys fishing in the Wairarapa, plenty of bugs here.

 Owen Coles on a V2

 There is something mesmerizing about quality engineering

 Paint paint and more paint.
 I know this guy from somewhere?

 Well there had to be Guzzi's in here, I love this engine

 A bit liked I loved this engine too, the MT-01 1680cc of brute force. Lovely

 The Quantel Costhworth, this bike was really well known when I was living in England, it was considered very very exotic.

 When quality workmanship happens it is beautiful

 Check out some more images of the beautiful workmanship. I think they call it walking the cup?

 Want ( again)

 There's a right mix of bikes joined here, looking pretty good actually

I think she put it on backwards
 Funny had this loaded and Damo sent me a text with it as well. All they have done here is drop the bars and removed the side vents, but it looks bloody nice to me.

 The FSI-E people raved about these
 New Zealand racing used to attract a lot of big names in it's heyday.

 That is about to hurt.

 Fill er up please and wash the windows.
 I had a real close look at an HP4 yesterday, the full race version, for a 'standard road going bike' it was pretty well put together. Who would have thought 10 years ago BMW would be building things like this.

 There wasn't really much to protect the gunners was there. I mean those walls are only millimeters thick.
 Perhaps the most famous bike ever, certainly the most recognizable.

 Talk about packing things in
 A 900 Hornet made to look period, well done great make over
 Love, love, love
 My all time most favorite restaurant in the world. Funny we got kicked out last time because my friends all sang me happy birthday while standing on the tables. Opps sorry Al. But this place is The Depot' and if you are visiting New Zealand or Auckland it is a must place to eat. World class.
 VW SP2 who knew?

 The Sachs. famous for making the biggest waves when the images of the bike were first released and since nothing.

 I know where one of these is just sitting languishing under a cardboard cover, on flat tyres and no registration since 1999. Pity

 Kens bike for Roger

 Some people just seem to miss the point.

 It was an electrical fault, when the rod came out the side of the engine, it took the coils out.

 Ring dings

 Craig this could have been yours.

 Taken in the Hutt River carpark. See those trails in the background all over the hills, that's where I learnt to ride. Every waking moment that I could spare I was up there. They went for miles in fact a whole days riding could be had.

 Buy as a kit now.

 They are just beautiful to look at, and every bit as capable once out on the road too.
 A cross plane R1 being used as an adventure bike, respect sir.

 Here's the Magni again, just take a moment to look at, it really is nice.

 I would love to have one of these.

 Bang, horsepower all in one little package. The diamonds in the trail are a sign of a well running jet engine.

 Never get tired of that view.

One very cool truck

 Bruce at the IOM TT not showing very much respect for Mr Rainey's YZR.

 Smile if you remember scenes like this.

 I was like Braaaapppppppp.........................................

 This isn't custom, this is stock!!!!!!!

 And, he didn't fall of.

 Amazing image, you can see my home from there. Used to watch this thing flash across the sky.

 It's busy as forty bastards in there, oh and you have to race against a whole bunch of others at the same time.
 Avery Ford, check out the prices $968.00 for a Cortina.

 Lovely shot of Freddie.

 Ever had days like this.
 Bruce in full flight on the Isle.
 Trouble this way comes, nasty little planes these.
 Nice Triumph

 Suck, squeeze, bang blow

 Check out the crowd.

 Funny how things come around. There seems to be a bit of a movement going on where people turn up at a speedway track ( literally everywhere in Europe), and race what you bought, and just have a great hipster ole time.

 These are stand up guys.

 just check out the lean. Amazing
 It's really all about the paint
 I know I know it's photoshopped


 Love em.


 Wait till you see it.

 Sorry doll but the ride is far more important, even if you are Angeline.

 Form and function

 Love this little Triumph

 Well sometimes you jsut have to ask yourself don't you.

 It got a bit windy last night

 LC and RD racing
 Rossi at ease, playing in his back yard

 Nice shot

 Rhapsody in Blue.

 Just a minor change to the bodywork and look what you can do. Stunning

 The rusting tower of Visa as it was known.

 We were so fancy back in the day $1575 for a falcon Station wagon,

 Now a liitle bird told me that in two years time all Ducati sports bikes will have a V4.

 It's all about centralizing the mass these days and putting everything in the middle. Ducati seem to have got an A+ for this effort.

 Massive chutes!!!!!
 Twin Chokes...................makes me want to cry.

 There's a song that has a line "and teach your children well". I think this is great. My kids grew up riding a Ducati scrambler along Petone beach. My sons first words ( although this is slightly debatable), were "aster aster".
 Ah the good old days eh, when girls rode bikes and drank too.

 He's be in trouble if he doesn't return that.
 To you.

 Bruce, doing what Bruce obviously does so well.

More like Pork

 Yes it does take all sorts that's for sure.

 Now I have been known to say that if we are out riding and you see me going the other way, this is the reason. My only problem was being in front to actually turn arund and ride back past them. Like the time I swapped my brand new 996SPS with a mate on an old XJ900 with the words " just toot if you want to swap back ringing in my ears". Brraaapppp Ducati gone "Fuck Fuck Fuck" A couple of hundred K's later they are waiting for me. Lesson learnt.

 And this is abut the nicest ending I could find.

And that folks is that. I'm getting well again which is a good thing, but it's still early days so have to pace myself ( fuck those that know me have never heard me say that before), but there you go. I'm off for a bit of trout fishing this week before my final round of treatments, so am looking forward to that.