Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Well, here it is the last blog of the year known as 2015. What a year it's been, so many new motorcycles being built by talented people from all around the world, it's been amazing to watch and see. The V2Guzzi blog has gone from strength to strength that's for sure. Over 2 million hits which still blows me away. It just goes to show that people are always interested in looking at new motorcycles and following builds themselves. I have noted a funny thing during the course of the last two years that during the summer months in the northern hemisphere the readership drops slightly which means your all out riding and the southern hemisphere the readership goes through the roof, and then it moves around as the summer comes south. Only to be expected I guess. 
Well enough of that, here is the extremely large Christmas blog for you all to enjoy, I'm not going to apologise for the size of it, because I will be away for a few weeks and I know that you will all need your fix. So this one is for that afternoon or evening after a long day at the Christmas table where you can grab a whiskey or bourbon and take some quiet time to reflect on your year and enjoy some pure unadulterated quiet time for yourself.
Merry Christmas everyone thank you for your support this year both personally and with the blog, I have really appreciated true friendship from all of you. It's been a very humbling experience.
Merry Christmas. 

I've actually seen this exact bike still in its box, amazing

Taking the suck squeeze bang blow to new extremes.

So many projects sitting in the field of wasted dreams. Every single bike here was someones pride and joy.

Oh yes, if only I fitted onto this, I would have been able to say I had one of those, but my knees came way forward of the scalloped side panels. Pity
Haydn, what do you think?
Like two Guzzi's taking a turn

You know this is a standard motorcycle, but it has so many of the values inherently in it to make it a custom. Ducati have done well to continue the 916 heritage through.

My mate Mike ( the riding legend) has a new adventure bike project.

Back in the days when I was important enough to hold the late great Robert Holden's ( the last Ducati winner at the Isle of Man by the way) water bottle, at the 4 Hour. Oh I owned the bike as well.This must have been 1995?

Ahhh the rattle of full floating brembo disc rattling in their carriers is a very strong memory I have of my racing days, bikes filling up the back the van. the smell of Av gas, oil and sometimes the bitter taste of mechanical failure hanging in the air. All night drives to get back to work. Dashboard covered in wrappers, coffee cups and general crap and a bag full of dirty clothes, I kind of miss some of that.

Whilst I like a completed diamond of a bike, I like this deconstructed look also.

Nice color scheme going on here
Interesting frame concept.

Moto3's all in a row.

Wouldn't this be a cool transporter

My ones broke :-(

I like the look of this shorty fairing with bubble, it's a bit nicer than the full one I bought, gave away and am now trying to get back.

The graphics on the car make it look fast

Jeeze the guy selling the brown long coats must have made some money

This is how I grew up.

How cool is this truck?

This is a carving that i did a few years back, I still have it, it just needs a home now. hard to move it weighs about 300 kilos.

My old Le Man has found a great home, in Christchurch. It looks even better than when I had it.

Rickmans all in a row too!!!

That's a bit sad, it must have got hot, look at that cylinder head.

This is an image that I particularly like

 This image was in an article about adventure riding in Africa, don't know if this is true, but it's not impossible.
 The Guzzi Paris to Dakar team, I wonder how far they got?

 Banks of goodness
 Nice image

Great Graphics

She's been out riding her Vespa.

This was where this weeks blog was supposed to have finished, but in the interests of Christmas, I have decided to add a bumper issue of images just because it's Christmas, and because I can.

Ha ha, what a beauty.

Man, I love these new Targa's, how nice is this?

The Honda panel beating elves have been at it again, this is the tank for the new RCV road bike, available to you if your bloody loaded, and with kit like this you can see why you have to be loaded.

This is nice little Guzzi that's just popped up on the net, I like it a lot.

Oh oh.......OH OH.................Oh Oh

This is still a Yeah Nah for me. I'm just not convinced that a Diavel like this is right. I know it's for Mericun market, but I am just not sure. I hope too see one soon, and then I will let you know what I think.

Great design, I love it when shit like this is done.

I will find some more images of this model, it is just beautiful.

All hand beaten alloy, by elves late at night


Noooooo............that's not right.

What a great image, I can smell it, I can taste it, I can feel it.

The new Tesi front end.

 RIP Mr Magni.

No, No look behind the headlight, look behind the headlight.

Just so you know

Had the next one up the TM250 but this bought back great memories.

You go that way son.

Now this would be fun.

I laughed when I saw this image, it reminds me of my good friend Craig landing his Triumph.

 This is the crank from a Britten, pretty unremarkable in it's own right, but there you go.

 87000 Kilometers with no oil change, this is what happens

 And now I have two! Bought one a couple of weeks back, but got another one this week just gone.My mate reckons I mad as a brush, I just laughed.

And with that I'm saying goodbye to 2015. It's not been a great year it has to be said. Lost some faith in myself, lost some friends (no regrets there), lost a whole lot of things really. BUT and there's always a but, I found some new things that I did not know I had, strength in myself, a new found respect for my general well being, made so so many new friends through these pages, changed my life and started a new one. So all's not too bad in the world really. I kind of feel excited and enlivened by the new decisions that I have made, and I can't wait to get on with them in the new year. Good riddance to 2015 and hello 2016. Good times ahead.

Happy Christmas everyone ride, safe and fast, and all the while, re-build, re-model, re-paint, change that seat you've been sitting on for so long, and move along.
Cheers everyone, you have all been fantastic. See you all on the other side.