Friday, 31 May 2019

A bit of a moment tor some reflection, below are a couple of images of one of our best riders Robert Holden, who tragically lost his life at the Isle of Man 23 years ago. We who knew him will always miss this nuggety little racer with the big smile and the never quit attitude. A man who could race anything anywhere and amaze you with his abilities. We don't know where those abilities came from, the confidence that "everything was OK", but are we glad that we got to witness this true motorcycle racer.  

 A friend of mine wrote this the other day and it's kind of fitting for the man.

So 23 years have passed and it is still pretty raw for all of those who knew him. I watched Robert race for years, but only really got to know him in the brief period that he raced my Ducati. I consider it an honor and a privilege to play a very very small part in this mans life.I was asked to ride my Ducati that he raced at his funeral and to this day i consider that a very great honor. I recall as they were doing a reading for him during his funeral outside somewhere, someone opened up a big four cylinder motorcycle and rapped it to the limiter, it was a great moment.There are others out there who played far bigger roles, but remain silent, and that's OK, that's their way.

This is the memorial carving for Robert, that sits opposite the rose garden in Wanganui, a circuit where Robert really established himself as a Kiwi Favorite among the racing fraternity, and the spectators who came just to watch him. 

Robert, myself and Peter Daniell during the three hour at Manfield. We had it in the bag until there were no more brakes, he rode the entire thing by himself. It was magic to stand on the pit wall and have him come by in a huge rush of noise and dust, magic, pure magic.

Robert as most saw him, on the pipe back wheel clawing for traction, in this image he actually has a broken ankle, but that never stopped him riding as hard as he could, or smiling, he just loved it.

Just bought this , this week, the next one to be restored to within an inch of its life.

Love this........

 In Japan, they have massive Italian get togethers , you've got to give it to them, they know their bikes
 Love this helmet, New Zealand represented so well in England, great work
 A very very pretty Guzzi

 Here's that helmet again
 Darren, just for you

 The little details, note the plastic half of the peg, how good is that?
 Original split windows sitting in the rain, the shame

 Another great Kiwi bike somewhere overseas being used for what it was made for

 Very pretty

 Right, then we ride to here, stay a couple of days, drink some wine, eat some food, then we ride to here and repeat, we've got two weeks, so where to from there. Most of you will know this story

 Think they forgot something

 A great shot of the IOM, what a buzz

 polished little jewels

 Just take a moment to reflect on this, perfection

 Great color scheme

 A room full of jewels

 All I need is money, a whole lot of spending money

 Both bobbies reaching for their book, but too late me thinks

 Check out that exhaust, that is stunning

Wellington, some lads heading off to the Brass Monkey Rally, not my cup of tea anymore, don't like the cold or the rain, but this image did make me stop

This is how we used to do it.......

 Always have a soft spot for this model, what a great motorcycle

 Now how cool is this?

And that is that for this week, out of time, see you all next week.