Sunday, 27 October 2019

Hello once again, what a week, my T3 is now all up and running smoothly, The NCR Scuderia is finally back in paint, and I'm waiting for the last little bits of rubber to arrive to finish the bike. She turns over and all electrics appear to be sound, but you never can tell until your out on the road and riding. Done a few quiet miles on the Guzzi, just to make sure that everything is OK. Did the oils, filters, gearbox and diff, so all freshened up and ready for the lizard ride to the Wairarapa in a few weeks time. Should be a great test of the bike ( and me), 1500 k's in a weekend should tell me all about the bike. Funny thing last week, I ordered an electronic ignition for the bike, and when it arrived, I took the cover off of the bike only to discover that it already has one!!! My brain just does not work sometimes, you'd think that I would have looked first. So thanks to Vince from Guzzi cafe in Christchurch, I put $20.00 in the parcel back to you to cover the cost of the freight. Speaking of which, at the start of the year I tentatively bought a Convert from a guy in Wellington. I discovered that it was a convert ( not what I wanted), and cancelled the deal. But as a sweetener I offered a 6 pack of wine. I thought that was only fair. So last week I'm moving boxes of shit around and here is the 6 pack of wine. I thought that I had sent it, so if your reading this get in touch with me, the wines sitting here. I wonder about my mental faculties sometimes. So any ways , on with this weeks installment of all that is good for you. 

 MotoGp porn
 Taken at my old family home years ago, when we used to have big parties and go racing

 What a handsome motorcycle

 I know, i know, your all thinking WTF, but i love these little cars, they were epic in their day

Who remebers motorcvycle shops looking like this?

 Now there's an idea

 Ohhhhh yes.........

 Jesse Stroud, doing what comes oh so naturally to him, a little star in the making

 My one nearly looks the same

 The mighty Savage, what a bike this was

 My friends in Japan, own a whole lot of bevels

 Number 1.


I recall my very very first ride on a motorcycle, Malaysia 1962, standing on the pegs while my father rode the bike, just like this one

 Nobody does it better, never have been able to.

And to end things this week, this is my new number plate.

Have a great week, see you all next time. Enjoy, share, spread the word