Thursday, 28 August 2014

 Love the clever belt work going on here and the stunning carbon fibre work

 Steve getting some slide in, classic pose foot forward and the sliding smile like yeah "nailed that yah bastards".

 The Croz

 carbon work 100%, seat stitching 100%, overall A+

 Now this guy doesn't want that carrot any further up his arse
 Kevin McGee on bob browns Ducati, this thing was fast

 OK girls, are you ready?...........................arms..........................................UP!!!!!!

 Lovely rims, we get excited by shit like this because they are lovely things for your motorcycle, and we love things for our lovely motorcycles.

 Krauser sidecars are world famous, did I mention fast too

 Honda engineering could always be considered a bit excessive

Lovely little RD 350 cafe project, check out the alloy form work fucken beautiful

Shit Shit Shit, I got offered one of these years ago for $6K, shit shit shit

 Nice barn find
 Ducati weekend in Bologna

 This is what a Moto Guzzi V8 Looks like side on.

 yeah I know there's something in your hair.

 The R nine T, a very nice wee motorcycle, if you haven't seen them in the flesh well you'll have to wait they sold out and there's no more until January. Go see the guys at Motomart they'll sort you. ( I have to say that cos they sponsored me for the distinguished gentlemen's ride in 5 weeks time, as did a number of others, Pat, Brendan, appreciate your support. Here it comes..... Trumpets please big Ta da da dah darh darh Daarrrhhh Those of you who enjoy this blog and haven't sponsored me please do so, I don't get the dosh it goes straight into the research centers funds and cancer is always a good thing to research against, believe me I know. So go deep boys ( and girls , yes there are some who follow), and sponsor me on the ride. You are all O for awesome.

Now this is wrong on so many levels

My favorite car in my favorite color
Isn't she just lovely?

 Imagine this over your house every 7 minutes, that's whats happening here in a street at the end of Heathrow. Shit I'd spend all my time in the back yard looking at them

 The Elsinore, this one ridden by Steve McQueen and therfore about a zillion dollars to own.

 Nice Ducati art
 Tucked and flyin.....

 Just as well they didn't have motorcycles back in them days eh?

 Someone with way way too much time and money on their hands, I mean check out his garage a Bugatti and a Spyker

This is not a model, this is not even a painting, it's a real live girl

 This is not a model, this is not even a real bike, it's a painting, how nice is this?

 This is pretty cool

These are bevels and they go on Ducatis, the glass window is just for fun and will give countless hours of watching

 Now I think think this is wrong, I mean that hand print must have come from like a 6 year old. Lucky bastard

 Excuse me is that beer.........cold?

 Hmmm nice

See, he who dies with the most toys, gets to leave them all to his son who hasn't worked a fucken day in his bone idle useless fucken life, and yet who manages to get around town like he deserves it. Haha good on ya mate, still got the toys and thanks Dad, I love you.

Now this is perhaps my all time favorite photo, I just love Verve it has to be said.
How nice is this shot? I mean NO REALLY HOW NICE IS THIS

For my mate Haydn who's never been....yet?

Yes indeed, I checked my jeans this morning and they said have a great day, I just need to find this girl and I will thank you.

Lovely Triumph, sorry Bruce but your gonna have to give the adventure riding away and get one of these. You know it!!!!!!!! You too Akira get rid of that poxy sled and do this, I'm sure you can find the parts in Japan, then I'll come over and ride it. We can have fun.

How fricken cool would it be to do this, who wants to go?

Well that was silly, as is this entire craze

Oye yoye yoye yoye yoye

There's only one thing better than being in your garage.