Monday, 27 June 2016

Welcome to the faithful, how's your week been going? Had a pretty busy week I did, spent it in Wellington, sorting out hospitals, homes, and bought a whole lot of bikes. I got sun burnt too in two spots on the back of my head. Got the keys to my new warehouse and started the process of getting things built, and sorted. The new website ( will have all of my bikes for sale will be up and running in about a week ( now that I have things to put on it haha). I think you will all like the bikes I have just got, some very interesting models in there. Bimota's and Ducati's and BMW's. Interesting times.  Today alone I have completed my LMVD paperwork, got insurances, arrange a place for compliance, arrange shipping for the bikes, found a van, got to see the Doc, paid for the warehouse and payed for the bikes. 

I've decided to sell the Diavel as it doesn't really match the riding that I want to do anymore, so if anyone is interested please call. Not too sure exactly what to get in place of it ( it is hard to replace that's for sure), but I'm looking at a couple of bikes with some interest. Actually I want a hooligan bike, a KTM 990 or 1190 SM would be nice. I rode one a while back and when I had to take it back I thought "shit that's a nice bike". So who knows. Got my eye on a couple of Moto Guzzi's as well, but they will be up for sale rather then being used as a rider. 

The blog and my phone seem to have been infected somewhere and this week a number of images from my architectural blog snuck their way in and my phone is jumping about all over the place, so if you see something and think "hey I've seen that before", I'm sorry, once my IT guy gets here next week I am sure it will all be OK.

OK then, some say I talk too much some say I don't say enough. I'm not confused, so without anymore drivel get on with it.

 There's a whole lot of crazy going on down there

 Kiwi summers back in the day

 When in Auckland you must try the Depot, best eats in town.

 Had this happen to me on a ride down South last time, except a right hand corner for me and a caravan coming the other way swung out into my path and my helmet just nicked the back corner of the unit. Scared the shit out of me.

 The old Lower Hutt carpark.

 Dallas Rankin, amazing image really. Who knew he was young????

 Street style cafes

 The late great Robert Lorne Holden on Dallas Rankin's Methanol breathing 600.

Here's a bit of a teaser for you, one of the bikes I bought last week.
This is a Bimota DB2 covered in nice carbon and in absolutely lovely condition.
Once I get it here it will be complied and ready for sale.
Anyone interested? I'm selling it for a price you would not believe

Well that's me for this week, apologise if you have seen some of these images, stupid phone. Once I get my high speed fibre into the building and get my site all sorted out I am sure that we can fix this. But hey they are all bloody great images. Oh the GT get's here next week too, so am looking forward to putting that together. Stay up right boys and girls, summer is on the way, or at least we are closer to it.