Wednesday, 25 October 2017

G'day to all of you out there on the internet, hope all has been treating you well, and better then me. I've had a couple of weeks that I'd rather forget that's for sure. I headed off from here and on that night I got a call from the Police to say that my shop had been broken into and that things were generally a bit of a mess. I race back from Auckland to find my mint 900SS sitting on the side of the road, not a good sight, then I pull into my complex and there's my Diavel lying on its side. I walk into my shop to find it totally demolished, everything that i had on display gone, two really nice Monsters gone and the worst , the 996 SPS gone too. I've since recovered the Monsters, but they are pretty well write offs. So all in all I had Bell helmets, my new welding plant all my tools even my Carbon Art T shirts stolen. I'm pretty circumspect about it now but the thing that gets me is they even stole my jacket that had all but two of the worlds 500cc motorcycle champions signatures on it. It means nothing to them, but it took 15 years to get the jacket to that point. So pretty pissed off about that. They took some strange shit that's for sure, even all my fishing gear. So it's been a massive set back to me even with insurance in place, I don't know how long it's going to take me to get this back on track again. So that's why you haven't seen me in while, trying to sort shit out that's all.

As an aside to that I have been in Japan buying bikes and looking at the operation over there so that I have a better understanding of that end of the trade. Certainly was bloody interesting. You'll see more of that further down the page. I managed to get to Motegi to watch the GP which was amazing and visited the Honda museum, so you will also see some images of that here this week too. So sit back enjoy the images. It's a big issue with plenty to look out.

The eyes have it, this man is a legend, no doubt about it

 Yoshimura 8 hour steed, what a weapon
 Somethings not right here.......

 Paint, it's all in the paint

 My mate Gary Goodfellow giving a Honda a right seeing to.

These three bikes were the ones that were stolen. They didn't even bother to tie them down, I know this because I have all the smashed pieces of the 996 fairings sitting in the back of my ute. bastards!!!!!

Whilst in Japan I found all these lovely Bimotas sitting there brand new, so if anyone wants one give me a call, I know where they are. They are not cheap ( as you would expect), but if you want a brand new Bimota I can get it for you.

A single sidearm Kawasaki by Sanctuary, there are so many parts on this bike, it is not funny. It's for sale if you want something pretty special. Also not cheap, but worth every cent.

 This is the Bimota to celebrate Goberts win a brand new SB8K, in the back ground a brand new DB4R by Redpro, who put all sorts of good shit on a bike that already is dripping with good shit, it's brand new too.
 A couple of V Due's brand new
 One of the Yoshimura specials, brand new and waiting

This Honda was badged differently and was so full of parts it would be difficult as to where to begin, but it is special.

 Now this is a very special bike and should be in a museum or your private collection. A genuine Yoshimura built Hyabusa. They made not many and are as rare as hens teeth. There were two here and both new.

This was being wrecked for parts!!!!!!! It was mint. Still it could be bought before it gets torn down.

 Hundreds of these all new
 These are all new as well, and are for sale.
 The dash of the Sanctuary Kawasaki

 The Honda was pretty special, with all sorts of aftermarket parts dripping off of it, and the Benelli was pretty cool as well, all new
 Even spied this special little Honda, not for sale but interesting all the same

 This is a completed kawasaki from Sanctuary, they do really good shit.

 It all happens at Wanganui

 Ruggia was getting his elbow down years ago.

 No way in hell would you get me out there like this.

 Classic shot of Joey, being well.....Joey

 Noice mate

 Pit lane Wanganui, many many moons ago

 That'd rip your undies in the middle of the Sahara.

 Fire fighting on as whole new .....well low level