Thursday, 28 November 2013

Hey hey, here's the latest for you all to ogle over. Bit of a mixed bag this week because i didn't have the time to go looking for stuff, so there's some nice images here, and some even nicerer images too. Enjoy

Chicks and tattoos are really quite cool.


Where's your bloody gloves

Bob Dylan rode a triumph until he fell off and his record company made a contract with him that he would never ride again, fucken pussy.

Nasa's plane!!!!!

Nicely stretched Porsche

Nicely stretched ermmmmm pussche

Real Bikers eat pasta

pack those pipes in


The girl with the dragon tattoo


Nice car, he must have been the worlds first rapper

Love this BMW

Lovely shot

her boyfriend must have stolen her Vespa because he likes the feel of the wind on his pussy

Speed, it gets you everytime

Art in it's highest form

That German chick again

This dude is head of BMW's style/design workshop.

Stirling Moss working on some new dampers

This dude looks bloody uncomfortable

Confederate motorcycles are cool

Nice garage

Advisement for Honda Civic in the 70's


This is a great ad......

Bit of a theme this week girls on bikes

He's got his bitch on the back

Bibendum in his early days

Great art going on here, not everyone likes them, but when they are good they are bloody good

Boo Hoo my panigale

Mmmm XJR's

My Crosby has been a busy boy 

One for my mate Richard

This is so cool, a box set of all the famous mag wheels of the seventies all made just for you

This is bloody scary really

Well that's all for this week. If you like this slight change in direction let me know, there's millions more. Right piss off I'm going for a ride...erh no actually I going for a drive out to my favorite motorcycle shop to see if either of my bikes are running. DOH!!!!!