Thursday, 31 October 2013

I just cant seem to help myself, so many images, anyway here we go.

Yamaha's new cross plan crank, Rossi gets what Rossi wants.

Shipping the new M1 engine across to the bike plane

Honda fights back with an in line 12 harking back to the days when they used to make 20 cylinder 50cc engines

Guzzi, on the other hand have forged their bikes out of solid steel and then decided the race them in the Suzuka 8 hours

Nicky Hayden having some fun

Break that thing, Ducati introduced a new carbon fiber swingarm with more flex

500 RAM AIR's these things were real nice in their day and even better now with 20 odd years of playing with

Check out the weld porn

Too much grip????

Great photo

As is this too

Now that is one fucked tyre!!!!!

Rossi in his tiny days

This guy has to be the best, "nah I'm good Dad' I'm good".

The mother ( and father) of all cafe racer engines

I know someone who has one of these as a project wonder how he's getting on with it.

Now wisten up wis is a wace scew that fwottle wealwee hard and dont wook back

Two gentlemen out for a Sunday Ride


MotoGP Porn

Who remembers their first ride ever?????

I'd love one of these in my lounge

Oh yes...................nuff said

Dennis Ireland I seem to recall, the photographer got snotted tasking this

yeah right like that's going to help

KTM's can fly

Engines eh..................

Really liked this really sano Triumph Hmmmm.....

This is why Stoner wont be remembered.

Michael Rutter at Macau, one of the best images ever, comes from a book Racers Edge

Pipe porn

I used to love these, put on a set of Canelines and away you go.

Fucken Nancies in Lycra always getting in the way

Three of the best, name them and I will buy you a beer, just to make it easier one of them is Jay and look how close they are at the end of the race. Jay used to throw up before every single race meeting he entered into, he always got that nervous.

These bikes always look really handsome to me


have a close look at this engine shitting itself, amazing

This man, this man single handedly nearly screwed it for so many real motorcyclists what a tosser he was

I've seen one in the flesh but never heard one run, beautiful

haha, Honda's first attempt when Gardner said he wanted more power

Yes yes Yes please I want one

Ford in line four anyone?

Scooter racing, it's worth considering

Freddie, a master on 250, and 500

Now Ducati can build a beautiful bike, but they have designed some PC800's in their day too!!! This is perhaps the most awful looking bikes in the world afetr a PC800 that is, but then anything is beautiful compared to a PC800.

They say this is John Surtess, but I think that its mark Forsythe from performance Bikes

MotoGP Porn again, must be quite a recent photo cos it's got that little bracket that Pedrosa could have done with

Front wheel off completely, how does this happen, oh I see the bottom of the fork with brake still attached


New Zealand somewhere, anyone guess?

Dont know if this is Slighties, of Johnnies

This is so true, kind of like the evolution of man really

I could spend all year here

This photo is really good, it gives the impression of real speed love it

Cal Raybourn I was there that day sitting up on the grass bank at Pukekohe, I remember all the fuss and the cars going everywhere all heading over to the hairpin, and people jumping the horse track rails and running through the middle of the track to get there. Turned out to be a sad day.

Now, we are pretty involved in the cafe racing movement at the moment, and some people are building some pretty good things, but really I looked at this and thought to myself "self what a piece of shit", it means nothing, looks like nothing, is slow, wont handle, and evey time you use the thing it will make you filthy. Sorry shit is shit, cant dress that up.
And then I found this image of the bike, and I thought " actually it looks OK, so I'm wrong you can make shit smell and look nice". nah wait a minute..............actually it's still shit

I do like big headlights....

This is a thing.....

An Oxymoron a Laverda 24 hour bike

Nice BM being punted quite well by the looks of it.

Crash bang Alacazam

Doctor T, this guy was a seriously good Orchid grower. Did you know that, oh and he designed some pretty cool bikes and engines and other stuff

A whole new meaning to a car pool

For sale to anyone lovely work $1800 NZD

A couple of more Marlborough series shots I found

Dr.T again

Haha for all you Honda Riders

This is the Shuttle launching from an angel you've never seen before

Run Forest Run haha