Thursday, 28 June 2018

And yes another week flies by. I'm all hunkered down for the winter now and trying to avoid everyone, don't want to catch the dreaded lergie even more so at this time of the year. But that's OK, I've got shit to get on with, so I may as well get on with shit. I've had two customers arrive at my door with the most amazing influenza's and gave them both the short shift. But all to no avail, I find myself neck deep in a massive chest cold, my doctors did warn me about this. I need to avoid contact with sick people. So anyways,it made me think about my business model and I have decided to not do so many imports and deal with the shit that that is. I mean honestly some people are just infuriating, that it makes you wonder how they survive in the real world. I've had one guy take me to task because the Ducati I was selling looked orange on his screen, and in the ensuring email battle, where you try to be as nice as possible I got to the point where I thought "self, this is just wasting my time, the bikes red, it's fucking RED, I'm looking at it, it's RED". You gotta laugh though I suppose. It's hard when you are trying to sell motorcycles but honestly give me a break. So from now on, I am only buying high end bikes that I enjoy working on, You know older Ducati, some Pantah's,  some Moto Guzzi with a smattering of 80's sports bikes thrown in for some fun weaving my style wand over them and only selling to people who know what they are looking for. I did 4 customs last year just like that, bikes that go into collections, or into peoples homes and garages. Some to be ridden, but mostly I think as objects that will only appreciate in value as time goes by. The upshot of this, that I won't have so many people coming here to my shop and spreading germs in my general direction. I like that, and I hope that you like this weeks Blog too. Get on with it, here it is.

 I love this 80's superbike, how awesome does this thing look?

 There are some stunning shots from this years IOM scattered through here, take a moment to drink the images in, they are incredible.

 Well, it takes all sorts again, I suppose, at least she is out there riding.

 This is the type of thing that i like building

 The master of lean.....

 One of my asll time favourite places to be, I love this town

 Love this image of a very nice Guzzi, out doing what it should be doing

 The dude in the front here is Fast Freddie Spencer, it's funny how many guys got their starts on old Bevels and belts

 This is what i will be building

To this very day, I still miss this bike, and I will never forget my first ride on it, it was an amazing machine.

Now these are very very cool pieces of art. They are the sound waves from motorcycles being raced at the IOM. The yellow one is a Honda RC61 going over the mountain. How cool is that.

Ha ha ain't that the truth, enjoy your week, hope you liked the blog, like the page, share the images and spread the word, see you all next week....perhaps