Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Hey Hey, welcome to my motorcycle place, my eclectic gathering of all things that I like and covet. I'd like to think that you do too, or otherwise you wouldn't be here now would you? These are the things that make me tick, that inspire me, and make me want more, more motorcycles, more adventures, more of everything that our world of motorcycling gives up to us so easily.
  This installment is out a bit early this week because I'm going fishing. Just a couple of days to recharge myself and get out of this enforced prison sentence that I am currently having to endure. Going fucken crazy here. So what do we have this week, the usual lovely bikes, some uninformed points of view from myself ( you will always get that), some lovely ladies, some beautiful bikes, cars and engines, you know the stuff, the usual shit and all just bloody stunning. So without further adieu and fanfare ( OK a bit of fanfare then ), ta dah here's your weekly v2guzzi blog fix.

 Now Honda can build a stunning motorcycle, but they can also miss the boat too. This bike misses the visual boat by a mile. 180,000 Euros. I am sure that the bike does all it's supposed to, but the color scheme really does not do it. It looks slabbed sided. Nice motogp equipment but it's just not there.

 This does not look good.

 Pipe porn
 Lovely Kawasakis

 How nice is this work, stunning build quality
 Well I guess someone had to do it eh? A street fighter supreme.
 Still, it's hard to get over the class that this thing exudes, class is as class does.

 Just so you weren't imagining it, here it is again

 And then you get utter utter class, I just bought one of these, it's a damaged beauty, but she will eventually just like this one. Lovely SP2 stand up and take a bow.

 Herh not really a Ford fan but this is lovely
 Run flat speed rims

 Look at the steel work in this baby,

Quality, if you cant do it don't bother, I must admit to hating the shit that some people turn out when customising bikes, this whole regurgitated grunge look just because you can't weld, this de-constructed look of bent ali panels, and piss poor paint just makes me mad. When all said and done at the end of the day it's the attention to detail and the quality of the build that will always attract.
 The front of the bikes is two years in front of the rear

If you hold it up close to your ear you can hear the bank tell ringing

Nice, pure muscle bike with a bit of turbo, nice.

 How neat is this.
 It's all about speed.


 This is pretty don't you think.
 Old fashioned anti dive

 Nice idea

Just like this Tim

 This is for Michael and Veg

 It doesn't matter if you play the game or the game plays you.

 This is it. this is perfection as to motorcycle ownership, although I'd add a 916 SPS into the mix, then that would be it.


Ouch!!!!!! Booo Hoo sob

R Ninetini noice
 Ring Ding ding ding

You can tell I lke these eh? What's not to like.

 Without doubt, this is one of the nicest 750 ss Ducatis I have ever seen.

An electrical fault.......... the con rod came out of the engine case and took the regulator off.

 The 851 is mine.

 Great people, great times, bikes girls, beer and good times. Motorcycles do that to people.

 We had blue ones years ago.

 I do like this version of the classic

 This may be the last year that you will ever see this bike, there is talk to stop producing it, the CEO says "there is no room for 200HP plus motorcycles on the roads".

 I'm in love all over again.

 Phnarr phnarr

 Flying Ducs

 I had a Honda that handled like this once

 How nice is this

 These were epic, I had a neighbour who bought one of these I remember watching him with immense envy

 There must be a beer down the beach somewhere

 Mmm this is pretty nice too.
See? Quality

 And I also had another Honda that had one horse power and handles like this.

 For those of you who've lost your razor

 Lovely electrics, isn't it nice when work is done well.

 beautiful paint
 Mmmmm cant wait for mine