Friday, 24 August 2018

Hey there, how's it all going out there? Actually got my head down from the fog banked brain that I've had for the past couple of months and managed to start doing some work, or minutes of concentration interspersed by "what the fuck was I doing". I had a moment the other day, I was putting out some wrapping from a package that i had received and nec minute I'm washing my truck!!!!WTF!!!!! Where on earth did that come, and for the life of me I could not trace back how I got to that point. But never mind, my new build is coming along well, fiberglass seats and panels are all in place, frame is away being painted, wheels done and various bits and pieces are being prepared. I love the process of designing, changing and making things. Using my hands for a change. Next week the frame will be back and it will be time to marry the 996 engine into the frame and get on with mounting the panel brackets, exhausts and various hangers to take all the parts. I'm quite excited by this bike, someone is going to get a real show stopper out of this one. It wont be a touring type motorcycle, more an inner city cafe cruiser that will sue stop people in their tracks and asking lots of questions.I'll post some images of the bike as it progresses for you all to see. Anyways here we go for another weeks interlude for you all. Go grab the Whiskey and take some time.

This Ducati came across my desk a few weeks back, it is a stunner thats for sure ans testament to the builders. Take some time to have a close look at this bike, it is stunning

Nice workshop. There is no engine quite like this one.

Another nice Ducati, it seems in the past few weeks it's only been Ducati motorcycles that have appeared on my screen, so now you get to see them too.

Love this bit of engineering

Now if I could find one of these for sale, I would buy it.

Kawasaki sure did produce some out there color schemes in the day, I loved looking through the shop window at all the crazy color schemes that they had, it was magic.

The utter irony...hahahahaha

Well that's about all for this week, enjoy your rides, the summer is just around the corner. See you all next time.