Saturday, 29 March 2014

G'day, now I thought for just a nano second that this weeks blog had too many girls in it, but then thought sod it, who cares. haven't had a single compliant yet. I had the great pleasure of being told last week by a non riding friend that he was starting to see what it is we ( as motorcyclist ) see anyway, he'd better watch out it's a disease and when you get it, you get it. Just a heads up Neilio.

A nice little Suzuki 500 Titan, these things were epic, they could be heard racing up every main street of every small rural town and felt most at home in places outside burger bars ( before McDonalds was here), and racing over twisty roads late at night chasing others. A bottle or two of Lion brown stuffed down your front, a packet of Pall Mall and a Zippo stuffed into your boot and $3.00 in your pocket( hey you only got $27.30 a week and you always had fines to pay). A girl screaming and holding on for dear life, knowing to herself that she should have listened to dad when he told her not to mix with those 'Bikies' and that she was never going to get home before 8.30. He's thinking "shit not enough gas to get home, but I'm in tonight". Ah the seventies eh, it was so simple, now they want to sit in a lounge together and text one another across the room "what you doing", "nothing you", 'Not much, I'm bored'. That song by Madness springs to mind " Oh what fun we had".

Sic, was he a great talent or just a good rider about to be great, in MotoGp he had a rep for crashing and had never made it to the podium in the top class, and sadly taken from us all before these questions could be answered. I would be so bold as to say he was a flawed rider bordering on outright genius, with hints of greatness just about to emerge. And shit he did for the fro what no black man could have. Sadly missed.

Now that's knackered I'd say. Just my opinion What do you reckon Double A?

No today, this guy would be just as sideways, but he'd have his knee and his elbow on the ground

Small bike, bit of attitude and gone riding, perfek.

This thing looks fast just sitting there

Had a friend of mine doing a Southern Trail ride and some of the images have made it back here, because this is what this country is all about, getting out there and seeing stuff like this. My turn next.

What a view eh?

My two babies...

A visitor to Wellington, jury still out on exterior look, but interiors are amazing. This boat is simply called A

Mt Aroracki, Aowrachi, Eh Oh wrack hi, oh fuck it  Mt Cook in background

All the young dudes

George taking flying lessons

Love this Kawasaki

I need a cloth to clean my ........................motorcycle baby

Nice little 650 yammie

yeah I know, I know but they are so so nice.

Freddie, this man won the 250cc and the 500cc titles in the same year

Lamborghini boat

I can see this guys brief, "and I want an engine that is 6 feet tall".

Mr Lawson

hanging out big time

Two little boys with two little toys

A bit too tight there Vale

Teach em young

I do like a good Ford too this Galaxie is a stunner

Just for every bastard that resides inside each and everyone of us. You know who you are.

Dave Aldana, and Kenny Roberts, obviously going for a flat track

Noice Triumph

So many Ferraris 

here you go Bryceee

How amazing does this look

And yet simple is still best don't you think?

Nice garage floor

Found a site that is just garages for blokes, this one is right nice

And this was in one of the garages, nice little hard covered suitcase

Now you all know by now that I like Guzzi's and in general I like most motorcycles, but when I see a fucken dog, I wont hesitate to call it that, and this ladies and gentlemen is a fucken dog, as Forest Gump says "Ugly is, as ugly does".

Nice view from the stairs ( which look like they get used quite a lot actually

My mate again down south getting a barge across the lake to go riding in Wanaka, this is true adventure riding

Now this guy had a garage, I know of one very similar here in Wellington

Two V Dues sitting together. Must be trying to figure out how to get the bloody two stroke fuel injection working

And his garage goes on

Ouch $90K of Ducati about to be spread around the world as parts. I'll wager that someone did a U-turn in front of this bike, but I'll also wager that he was going way to fast as well.

here's that's guys garage again, shit there are some bikes in here

In the Porsche museum, just as well they didn't go into production

Red is a color in my veins, here's part of the reason

More South island from my mate Vic, well done sir.

Would have loved to have been on that ride that's for sure, must get a WRF450 next week.

Classic front end but a modern twist to it

Nice little Ossa

Great idea

better idea for a truck

Now we don't see these any more where have they all gone

V12, six exhausts, 600 odd horsepower

Hmm wonder if thing goes, or is it too quiet?

here's another knackered tyre for you
Nice Triumph with a Ducati Imola tank on it, this tank makes bikes look so so good, like how you can see through the tank, this is how they used to gauge the amount of fuel left in the tank during the endurance races, clever and simple.

And that about wraps that up for this week