Thursday, 29 June 2017

Hey hey, how's it all going. Welcome back to those that know of this little place in cyber space and hello to those of you who are new. Back in the Bay with a few new bikes, and looking forward to getting into some work. Things have slowed down a bit with winter, but I guess that's to be expected.
Had in interesting week, due to having all my bikes ready for sale and all sitting here waiting to head of to someone else's garage to play with. I've started on my ST4S conversion into a cafe, and have been pleasantly surprised that there are a whole lot of parts that inter-changeable between bikes which is great as far as saving money. Got my wire wheels to fit and new front end in, and have just started the patterns for the new tank, it's good to be able to start actually fabricating parts as opposed to buying them. So keep your eyes out for my latest build, and every so often I'll post images of the progress on this one. So winter's here, get back into the sheds fire up the heaters and get building.

On it's way from Japan for a customer of mine.

Now I got a little bit of stick last week for posting up images of these boats, I couldn't see the issue really, these things are technical, they are way out on the edge, and they are fast. All things that I really like. Nothing patriotic in it, just that they are amazing in pushing the boundaries of everything that I love, so here's another image.

The dawn of a new era for Ducati, looks to be the business

They still look pretty bloody good.

Must be rubbish day, bins everywhere

What can you say about this, I mean how bloody nice is this.

And the Doctor does it again, what a guy and what a racer!!!!!!
See what happens when you get two bikes together.......

without these guys, it wouldn't happen
A great example of the differences between back int day and now
Who remembers Sam Fox, that page three girl from the early 80's

It's called commitment

World Superbikes is getting out there

I read somewhere that 98% of all Harleys ever built are still out there on the road, the 2% made it home, that made me laugh, this ones obviously carrying spares.

I want a truck just like this one.

This is just drop dead!!!!!!

And that's a wrap folks, another week out of the way, pretty tired right about now, so times for a few Zzzz'ds. Have a great week, and enjoy your time in the shed, grab a bourbon, grab a spanner, change something, build something, enjoy your lives, cheers.