Sunday, 30 September 2018

Cranking this one out a bit late, because I'm literally waiting for paint to dry. Been working hard on the new custom, it's given me a few headaches that's for sure, but this week, I've been pattern making, tool making, bending metal ( a skill I've never done before), and generally getting bit's and pieces sorted. I seem to have a bit of writers block on mounting the gauges and the front fairing, but I'm just waiting for the inspiration to hit me and then I will be away again. I'm looking for some 50mm mount with 55mm riser clip ons if anyone knows where to find or source these, I seem to have run into a blank wall on that regard. Got my tank sorted, didn't have to go far, the guy across from me who is building the most beautiful Trans Am car said he will 'knock one' up for me, go figure, literally 20 meters from my shops door. So there you go.

Riding with your buddies, is what it's all about. This ain't no disco.

Cafe's intrinsically associated to our rides

Hmmm, not so sure, but hey what ever floats your suspension

Proud Mary

I know this feeling, out on your GT, cruising

Who remebers these? Obviously Batman did

What a great shot......

It's in the detail, to do it right will only cost you a fraction more, think about what you want, and then add

Love this screen, stunning

Nice pipes

I want a Moto Guzzi please

Back in the day.....

A good mate of mine sent me these images, he knows that i have a very hard spot for Porsche's, so here they are in all there wonder, I do love em.

And on that note, that's all folks for another week ( or so), hope you enjoyed your little interlude from life, keep it upright and enjoy your mates and fellow riders, for they are important to your well being.