Thursday, 30 April 2015

The MotoGP season is in full swing, and the rivalry between Rossi and Marquez sure is pretty entertaining, and exciting. This weeks installment has a few MotoGP images from the 'inside'. I love the technology that goes into these million dollar plus machines and they always seem to look so bloody nice, like you could lick them no worries. It must be nice to work on them. saw my first Scrambler yesterday, I thought that it looked bloody good. Replace the handle bars, and definitely put wire wheels on it, and I think it would be great. have been enjoying riding around on the new ( ish) Moto Guzzi and am really enjoying it. had the handle bars come loose on me which gave me a bit of a fright, so some pins and drilling required. Apart from that it goes really well. Well with out any further delay here's this weeks for you. Oh by the way I get lots of emails from people on the list to include their friends, but to be honest the list is already a few miles long, so just share yours with them, please. And if they want to contact me they can through the gmail account. Cheers boys and Girls, enjoy.

Even the brakes are numbered!!!!

Had one of these, it was nice and my mate Pat has a near new one in his garage too, I really like them alot again.
I do like this Guzzi
Radar Cullen had this image posted to him a couple of weeks back, I think it's fantastic

F800gsR? Looks ok with the motard rims on it.

here's my Guzzi sitting at a cafe
 We will be seeing these things everywhere soon. You could buy one if you could get one Motomart have sold a load of them, but might be able to get you one ( there was 1 left out of 14 sold). PS didn't like the yellow one, prefer the green with the brown seat and wire rims. Change the bars too!!!!!

This is cool.

 Nice garage

I do like this one.

 Flew into the bike, and got pulled out by the rider unharmed.
To live and fight another day

Fresh in from Japan, beautiful motorcycle and in fantastic condition too.

An old GTS, I always liked the bike but it never seemed to sell, and now people cant get enough of them.

Helmets, cafe's and beer, what more I ask what more?

 Another Harley guy obviously

Jura, a beautiful wee drop

new braking system for Harleys.

Why doesn't it fall over?

That's all folks, hope you enjoyed it. See you all next week.