Monday, 26 October 2015

Well here we are again, had a mammoth week with a great ride around the East cape with some of the best buggers you could ever wish to ride with. We had the worst weather that I have EVER ridden in, 130KPH cross winds and pissing down rain, at one stage I was on the otherside of the road for a good 100 meters and had no way of getting back, it was pretty hair raising and downright scary. My mate Mike on a Ducati Scrambler had to stop, it was just so dangerous. Trucks and cars moving in all directions as the gusts took hold. But the moment we got out of that, the weather was amazing and the ride around the cape was incredible. I haven't been that way since I was 15-16 on a 50cc Suzuki!!!!!. Watched the MotoGp to the sounds of an Irish band in a pub in Napier, which was funny, the music matched the racing. Had a great party in Tauranga and then the next day back home, so all done in 3 days 1700 kilometers. The Diavel certainly is a great bike to ride this country on. Any how back to the blog enough of me. A great collection of images this week, I've said it before but we are blessed with engineers, artists, mechanics, and motorcyclists who fuck around with their motors, and give us great things to want, lust and be inspired by. Here it is.

 9 bikes that need no introduction, the fabulous Britten, what a great image. You wont see this again.

Just because it's a great image

All the monsters

A few cars and the like popping up, but they are great

I laughed when I saw this, why didn't someone think of that before eh?

851 niceness, what a classic machine.

The supermono an idea that never really happened as far as road bikes were concerned. Imagine if they did this to the 1200 now?

Back in the days, what machines. This was my race team in the last year.

Love the spoke

It all seemed so simple back then

Not too happy with this guy at the moment, but when he puts his mind to actual racing he's pretty good.

Love this Guzzi, it looks like it's doing 100mph just sitting still. The line is about as perfect as you can get. I know a lot of people who build bikes and they miss this every time, making things look fat and out of proportion

Heads on backwards, interesting idea.
I'd shop here anyday

The only Harley I would own.

I do like this interpretation of the cafe racer


How cool is this bit of engineering looks OK I suppose

I think he has a problem

Which way?

Dunedin in the day

A Bostrom Kawasaki, nice build, such good quality


Gary, Mike, Craig on the way to Wellington

Nice Kawasaki Museum
Now this.......................this is lovely, so clean, simple, stylish.

Waihau bay in the bay of Plenty, see that mountain way over in the distance, no the one further over the back we rode around that about 2 hours before

This is how I feel about not riding
Now this is a nice design idea

Gavin the seagull gets a nerf, Mark Marquez got one a week later, good job.

I don't know what it is about scooters, but it seems to bring out the best in people.

Perhaps it might be time to customise my Diavel.

My frind Rod has built this MV up for racing, I think it  looks great

They are actually pretty bloody good.

How great is this photo


Love these, wish I hadn't screwed my one up

had one of these once too.

Just look, that's all.

As a motorcyclist you are allowed to eat food like this, the little red things in the background are tomatoes and they are a vegetable and on occasions its permissible to eat them

Go one admit it, yes you've done this before

All he wanted to do was race, oh and make love to as many women as he could

Now I've had a few of these too, you couldn't go far wrong on one of these, they will take you miles and miles and then take you home again.

Something about these bikes just gets me, they have it all, and they had it before cafe/hipster became fashionable too.

A bit too bling for me.

caged and waiting, great shot


My mate Vince's race bike and a road bike. It's for sale too!!!!