Thursday, 27 April 2017

Hi there to the faithful, how's your week been? I've had a very strange week it has to be said, plenty of motorcycles sitting on the floor, things seem to have gone a bit quiet, then yesterday BOOM put a bike up for sale, it's sold in 1/2 an hour!!!! Then another three inquiries about two other bikes, I guess there is no rhyme nor reason to this motorcycle selling lark, not that I am complaining or anything. I've been invited back to England to visit a couple of shows, but at the present point in time, I think I need to concentrate on the customs that I am working on here. I've just started an ST4S conversion into a cafe racer. I ended up with a spare bike, had some wire rims, and some good parts, so that's what I am here for, so it starts today. Just finished a real nice restoration and power up of a ZRX1100. Have to say I've owned 3 of these now and every time I get on one, I just go "Wow, I really love these bikes". They start, they go like they shouldn't and it's so easy to bring more horsepower and get more handling out of them. Fun bikes that's for sure, and that's why we ride I guess, it's about the fun, the people and the places. So here you go on that note, fun, people, and places. Enjoy.

Health and safety were too scared to go up there.

There is a persistent rumor that these are going to be made again, I remember them, they were epic.

I didn't quite do it like this, but I know plenty who did.

Been here , done that.

MT01's were, are a brute of a motorcycle.

I recall these hitting the showroom floors as well, when they were painted in a different color, you just wanted to have it.


This is very very tasty

But i like this bike more. This bike has stance


A very brave man on those tyres in the wet I reckon

One of the most beautiful ladies currently on TV.

Things are about to bounce
This is a beautiful motorcycle, well done, this bike has that magical thing called stance, and in spades.

How does this guy defy the laws of Physics week in week out.

A nice wee garage

Not too sure, but I must have been enjoying myself.

Now that rear has had some abuse, Mr Rossi you are a legend.
Now I know it's entirely possible to hoist a Diavel



 Photos above and below by a good mate of mine  Michael Breen taken a million years ago.

I recall my Ducati Superlight doing a main fuse on the Desert Road in the snow. It was not a nice scene.

 Still carzy afetr all these years.

 Check this mongrel out

 Not to everyone's taste, but I love them.

 OK boys and girls get out amongst it, have a good time, ride fast.