Thursday, 23 February 2017

G'day everyone. I've smashed it this week that's for sure, down to Wellington Sunday back Wednesday, Back to Rotorua twice, and now off to Taupo, plus I've been working. Well kind of. Strange I thought I live in Wellington and miss one or two Paeroas and then when I move up here I miss it completely. I hear it was a great meeting as usual. On my drives up and down the Island I did notice a great number of bikes, and not just all one kind, but I saw Harley, BMW's, lots of Adventure type bikes, plenty of big bore sports bikes, it was really interesting to see a lot of bikes. I gave one guy on a BMWF700 tourer thingie a go over the desert Road in my Falcon Ute, he was pretty impressed when we got to Turangi, I had the ute jumping and hopping all over the place. Getting back on track, my ZRX is coming along well. Pretty pissed off with my new Kerker race pipe, seeing as it was out of round and had been bent, but I've sorted that now. Ohlins have arrived, as have a multitude of parts , so I reckon in about three weeks I'll be ready to hit the road, and that's what you should do right now, hit the blog enjoy.

How nice does this look?

Pretty. Very nice work

Who among you remembers these evil monsters

The prettiest ugliest bike in the world.

Stunning Triumph

Kevins motorcycle of choice.
Wayne being Wayne, great shot of LC going fast

This guy is going, look at how the tyres are screaming out for some mercy, and he still has the original pipes on it too!!!

Nearly ready for the new season, bring it on.

Mike Pero has opened a musuem in Christchurch, it looks like a place that you definately have to visit.

Licked clean
Now this Scrambler looks bloody beautiful

Love the helmet mod.

This is one of the nicest Hondas I've seen for a while

Ha Ha riding it like he's stolen it, go Jass. Love the Race sandals

Giancarlo at Manfield

Nice shop

I'd love to visit this place.

Power in a box.

Calories, sorry none there

Pretty colors in pit lane

This is very very nice

The front end went

Check out how big these doors are, just right for getting your KTM 1290 Adventure inside

Kiinda looks wrong don't you think?

Even here, the lesson is evident, keep it simple.

Yeah, well that's that another one finished for your enjoyment. Heading to Taupo this weekend for some serious racing, looking forward to catching up with some people and having a great day in the sun. Have a good weekend people, and get out amongst it, there are roads to be ridden and rides to be had, so get into it.