Thursday, 29 May 2014

The road begins here

Lots of Endurance images this week, wish we had this kind of history here in NZ. anyway enjoy.

Godzilla Limited oh yes please. Scotty this is a bit of you.

1200 XR Cal Raybourne replica, nice 

beautiful little 500 single

Hmmm that's a bit odd

Guy martins kit for the Nord West

This cracked me up Jesus is going to save your ass. I mean have a look.

Amazing talent some of these young guys have

Lets go, definitely NZ

Levi Sherwood giving it a go in Beijing

This is an RGV500 in an Aprilia 250 frame, how nice is this?

And a bit of a tribute to Endurance racers and their 'funny mounted ' front headlights. I loved these bikes, they were BIG, brutal, over powered, under handled, and they races them for 24 hours at a time and the guys that rode them are usually unsung legends, because for the most part this section of our sport is not supported. Strange but true, but in Europe it is massive, but we see so little of it. Personally this is where proper bikes race. These things aren't made in shops so clean that you could eat your breakfast off of the floor, these things are made late at night in foundries, in back street garages where prostitutes do their work just outside under a dim street lamp , where men fart silently to catch their mates unawares, then piss themselves as they watch their mates faces change.. These things are beaten out with hammers on anvils.

Looks almost the same as mine, cept mines way cooler

There's a hump in the middle of the road

I cant find my back protector 

So that's all for this week, a happy ending I hope, hope you enjoyed.