Thursday, 29 January 2015

 hey, here's this weeks installment for you. Seems to be a few more ladies in this weeks installment, but you get that I suppose, and I'm not making any apologies for that. The Guzzi is nearly ready for its maiden ride down south, just the paint and put together, so it's all going really well. And I think it's going to look bloody good too. I cant wait for my bike that's for sure. And motoGP is just around the corner too!!!! bring on the new season I think we are in fopr a great year of racing. Any hooo here's this weeks lot for you to enjoy.

This l;ittle baby below is for the Burning man festival, how the hell they get it out there I don't know and I wonder what it cost, but it's pretty cool

This is the shuttle heading on a ride to space.

 $3.00 !!!!!!!! Joking I wonder what trouble that will get you into.

 What these boys get to see

How to turn this
Into this in one short burst, my god he destroys that car!!!!!!

 Now this is a nice take on the R Nine T

Nice wee line up
 Just in case you were wondering

Interesting garage going on here, there are some pretty special motorcycles sitting in here.

 Troy Corser having some fun at Goodwood

 Beautiful print of Mike Hailwood

 I do like this Guzzi
 Yeah, even this is nice too,

 Pretty little line up

 An interesting interpretation of the theme.

 came across this ( not literally you understand), and really liked the mix of old and new

 Nah me ole china plate, just a quick run darn the frog n toad for a bit of a knees up at the rubber dub, find this nice near and far order a cold king Lear n this geezers goes like this at me, so we had a bit of a barney, I'm mean call me a Westminster banker, so I smashes mmm and takes his one time looker for a ride on me bike, and end up in  strife with the old bill and before the garden gate as quick as you can captain Cook. Must have fought I was a Wayne Rooney.
If you can work that out your doing well.

And a pretty little face to finish off with. That's all folks, that's it, done.
Cheers have a great weekend.