Saturday, 27 April 2019

Well hope you've all had a great Easter weekend, not that I believe in these religious festivals, the days are all the same to me, I either work on bikes, or I don't. 
I didn't get the opportunity to pay my respects to the people who laid down their lives so that we could enjoy the lives of relatively calm and freedom this morning, but there has been enough about our ANZAC boys in the press for the past few days, and it has made me sit back and reflect on what those brave young boys ( for that is all that they were) actually did. These days, it's gone so PC, that I think people who complain these days about anything, and everything forget what life was like back then and the sacrifices that were made so that today they do have the freedom to complain. Our modern day society is based on their struggles and their sacrifices and we forget that. There seems to be some sort of self righteous thinking going on today that enables these people to have their say, and what they say is supposedly right, based on today's politically correct thinking with no thought for how this society that we have is today was formed. . Bullshit really.
Enough of this bollocks, had some great conversations this week about how we as a group of riders and motorcyclists are very fortunate in that we have this common bond, this tangible thing based on our lifestyle choices and all centered around motorcycling. That wave to an unknown rider heading the other way, that pulling in for a warming coffee on a cold night with a few hundred K's to go and the conversations struck up with someone on a bike  heading the other way, the knowing nod of acknowledgement to another rider at the petrol forecourt, walking into a bar and spying a couple of helmets in the corner and a couple of people sitting enjoying a quiet beer. All around us we see this and we acknowledge this, sometimes without saying a word, but it is there, that kindred feeling of 'they are like me'. Pity that the rest of the world didn't ride motorcycles.  I think it would be a more peaceful place. And speaking of which you have arrived at my quiet space so that you can enjoy this weeks images in your quiet space.

 To much bling for this guy

 A Contach frame in all its glory

 Lovely before and after images of this jag, it's amazing what people can do, stunning work

 1 bought new, one bought 15 years later and they rolled down the line one behind the other, cool eh?

 Now this is a great image

 Vince doing what he does so bloody well

 Love the paint on this streamliner

 Hard on the gas, would love to hear this

 Why have we not got this here in NZ?

 The images above and below got sent to me, Jason, 'The Hippie' on the Epicycle out of Australia. I hearg that this bike was in NZ, is that true?

One of the nicest Moto Guzzis I've had the pleasure to put up on the page, this thing has it all. Italian, style, looks, stance, lashings of period go fast bits, this is IT.

 Mr Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki having a late night meeting to figure out how to beat that broody Ducati. Jokes aside, if you are ever in Japan, you must go out and eat like this, it's a fantastic drink fueled night out with some fabulously crazy people

 And when in Europe do as they do, more great nights out. Last time I was there I met so many of the blog followers in places like this and always ended up having some great evenings with like minded people. Brothers and sisters all over the world, just because of motorcycles
 Aren't we the lucky ones eh?

 Hmmmm, not so sure, but what ever pushes your barge out I suppose

 Now this tub looks just about right, like it a lot

 The original Epicycle Ducati race bike, a 500cc twin, before they started putting cylinder in a line fore and aft

 What a great shot, who'd have thought you could have so much trouble with only 1hp?

 Tool time

 Magic car, stunning restoration, how nice do they look

 Thought this was a Maico at first until I saw the engine, a GTS860.

 Lust, I built a replica of this that Paul Smart went on to race here in NZ

 This man passed away this week, what a great shot of him in the Italia D'Giro

 Yeeee haaaaa

 One of these came up in discussions this morning, about a Wanganui lad troweling one of these down the road, and a quick trip to a mates place so his mum could detol him up

 The king.......
 A very nice line up for Croz.

 Back in the day when 3 Brittens went to take on the world.
 Fucking Ouch!!!!!

 Stunning paintwork going on here

 Jason McEwan heading out on the Epicycle Ducati at Ruapuna, now this ducati absolutely thundered, and I mean thundered, this was the bike that got me onto Ducati motorcycles, it wasn't for another year that the 851 came out and smitted me a heavy blow to the left side of the head, but this!!!!
 @4 Hour Leman, why don't we get this on TV here?
 There were beasts of dirt bike, then there were these......

 For me personally, it was great to have my rider, and my team take out this race, it was perhaps the most moving day of my racing when we took Roberts trophy 1998 was a great year,  and 1997 was good too, but my bike was sitting in the pits while Chris rode his corsa

 They haven't progressed that much really

 Moto Guzzi, it's all about that engine

 This cracked me up, a work site gets a visit by the Health and safety inspectors haha

 Do you remember, that kid that got a bike, and you couldn't sleep at night and pestered your parents for years

And that's all from me this week, it's out a little early, that's because i am waitng for parts etc etc to turn up, so think of you all, cheers