Monday, 31 July 2017

Had a few emails this week, about the content of the page. More pointedly to the content of the ladies on the page. Some have asked "where are the men". Others have complained that it's very sexist to just have ladies on the site. I've been back through the pages and had a look, and I've decided that there is nothing wrong with the images, they are all done in the best possible taste, no full nudity, no full nothing, and then I came to the conclusion that some people are just not happy, they have to have their say for no other reason, so in deference to them, I am going to keep it the same, I'm not going to get bludgeoned into submission, as I respect women and the images that I show are all done with taste and with style. This is a site for motorcyclists after all and it celebrates all things that we as motorcyclists appreciate, be it motorcycles, food, engineering, aviation, cars, and yes woman. OK so wee rant over, how's it all going?  I've got plenty of bikes in at present and some pretty nice ones at that. 848's, 9196SPS, 998, Monsters and 900ss's, there seems to be a lot of Ducati's but I am sure that is temporary for the moment. News? I'm selling my Falcon ute, I just couldn't live with it anymore, it jumped all over the road, it rattled, and on tight right handers, the dash moved so that you could see the bolts holding the dash to the A pillar. It pissed me off, so it's gone. In it's place I've gone back to a Touareg and a trailer. This would mean that I have had 5 of these things in the last 11-12 years. A true travelling vehicle, comfort, quiet, quality build. Other news? Had my 4 monthly check up and still all clear, so expect me around for a wee while yet haha. So on that happy note ( for me anyways), here's this week missive for you all to enjoy. This weeks installment is a veritable moving feast.

And he's only wearing sandals

A very nice XJR

 Hmmm, just a little bit out there

 Judging from the tail section of the chassis, there was only one thing this guy was doing, poor bastard, how to fuck a perfectly good ZRX

 Ohhhh Noooohhh

 What a lovely little collection.

 You've probably seen this before , but it still cracks me up.

 Passing through Levin late at night

 Who didn't try this

This guy makes me laugh every time I see this

 Had one the exact same, missed this bike

 How to fit it all in.

 I've seen this before, but it didn't end so well.

A bit like chasing Harley's really

 I've a good mate who is building a katana hot rod, once he see's these he will buy.....

 My first ever ride on a motorcycle ended just like this, I was hooked from that moment on.

Just beautiful to watch

 Mike the Bike getting it up on a 900SS, although someone will probably correct me and say it was an 860

 I've got to meet these gals.

 One of the original early sandcast engine GT's. A pretty rare bike these days.

 Check out this caravan, it's stunning

Phnaarrr Phnaarrr

And on that light note, have a great weekend, have a great ride, and if you can't ride have a bourbon....NEAT See you all next week.