Thursday, 28 January 2016

Greetings to the faithful, hope your weeks gone as planned, and your bikes are either on the bench or on the road. Had a great week last week, my long lost mate from England turned up and finally picked up his Moto Guzzi. Didn't go well the first day but it's all good now thanks to Pat at Marco Imports. When we had the Guzzi apart we noticed that it had twin plug heads and from the looks of it, this was factory, not done afterwards. I have tried to find out about the specifications of this bike but all to no avail. It's a 1995 1100 Sport two valver. Can anyone enlighten me on this? The bike itself has Ohlins rear, Mikuni flat slides and a full Termignoni Exhaust system, so it's got the go that's for sure. Dare I say it goes better then my old Daytona.

Well this is going to be the last blog for a few weeks, as I have finally packed the apartment and am getting ready to go off line and move. I will try and get back on line as soon as possible, but at the moment it looks like it will be a few weeks yet, so please bear with me as I transition through this to my new life. Oh I've made this one a bit bigger, so that you can get through this period with as little pain as possible, thanks for all your thoughts and well wishes.
Keep you eyes out for the next installment.

As you know I purchased ( arranged to buy really), a second 900SS, as I really like them but as we were loading out some more bikes a really nice ( but beat up a bit) 1000 GT Ducati Sports Classic came out. Opps 900SS goes back and the GT is mine ( I promise Pat), I've been looking for one of these for a while, it needs some work ( gauges, bars, headlight, and definitely seat), so once I am in my new home I will commence with that re-build, looking forward to it.

I liked this Guzzi, might be the color, but it's more about it's presence it just looks great sitting there.
A brute of a 4x4.

I was saying to my mate Tim, that I thought the Guzzi tank was the most beautiful bit of sculptured steel out there and then this image comes up, and you know what, it is!!!

These look seriously cool

Nice paint, not my scene but I can appreciate really good work

Gazza on the gas. .

Nice view, down here guys down here
Don't they look mean?

My good friend Derek out for a play in his boat.
These little toughies, are all about getting out on the road

I saw one of these a week or so ago, exactly the same color and interior, top down four aging hot rodders stereo up loud, having a ball.
It's all about the engine

Paris to ...........stuck DOH!

Used correctly

I do like the color scheme, and the seat combo

More stunning models

Mr Woodley racing when most people have stopped 35 years before, respect sir.

I have a love affair with these too!!!!!

Looks like a paint scheme from the Bauer motorcycle helmets, love it.
Jesus wept!!!!!
I guess if your going to travel, you may as well take everything with you.

These are just so much to being perfect it's not funny
Epic road travel breakfast

One of the best shots of Aaron Slight

This is a bit like me, I have driven my painters to distraction sometimes before I decide on a color scheme, I want it this, then now I want it that, now I want it this, just to get it right

Presents for baby Guzzista's.

Just my opinion, but the most beautiful race bike ever

Tesi dashness

In my day this was crashing

Evening roadside food, anytime anywhere, meat mate meat.

garage porn

Ouch ouch ouch
Aaron having a go at the Burt Hill Climb

Interesting head design

Crank Porn, lovely work
Very very nice,

Above and below, stunning work

Fat little Scollies all in a row, I love travelling on the road
Some serious shit going on here
Sorry, I love Guzzi's, but this one is just wrong.
Enfield had a day at the Ace cafe, funny I will be there in about 12 weeks

To the spoils the victor goes

A shed full of Katanas, amazing to see these all still sitting there

C'mon who remembers these?

That's one way to get home I suppose.

I used to be able to do this for miles and miles and miles......................

Now I included this image, because it gives you a great indication of just how big these bastards grow, and that it is entirely possible to bite your head of in one go, as if you were popcorn. I mean check out the size of this bastard!!!!!

More great road food for the boys

RIP David Bowie, what a guy.

What a lovely little BM.


Heading to Eastern Creek in a couple of weeks time to watch the classics race and to catch up with Steve Parrish in preparation for the IOM this year.
If you only have one pair of dress shoes make them these.


This is arguably the nicest Monster on the face of this earth

Don't know what the green shit at the back is.
Boys playing in the South Island out on a ride.

Here's that Monster again being wheeled out at Hampton Downs

A lovely little Yamaha, well done that man.
Great INK!
A KTM with Ducati 4 valve Head
Diavel madness

Rossi's new 2016 toy, bring it on.

A 5000 SLR Torana, what a car, where are they all now?

This is kind of similar to a paint scheme I had planned a couple of years back, until the painters went bust and disappeared.

I fucken hate these things almost as much as those dicks Tutel Senior and Junior, what the fuck is this thing for?

Is that a car or a bike coming at us?

Oh yeah

My mate Gary racing Bubba

That's a serious BBQ

Obviously motocrossers earn far too much

The new African twin, not too sure but they seem to be selling ok.

Hmmmm this is not right

Nice bike.

paint my friends paint

Wanganui starts are always epic

Paul Newman and Moto Guzzi

Love this blade

Late night workshop builds

Paint paint paint, I never get sick of telling you that

Cafe Cool

That's not right

Oh how the times have changed

Nice KTM

This is high art ( to me at least).

That was close
barn find in three boxes to restore and once checked out found to be one of the rarest Vincent's ever!!!!!


I used to live like this as a young fellow

Well I've now owned my Diavel for a year ( record), and last week I found myself hunting the net and looking for parts and inspiration colors etc etc, and then it hit me, I don't have to do anything because I like this bike so much, it looks great, it goes great, all my friends have ridden it and rave about it, I just came to writers block, I mean how do you improve this.

So in closing that's all for this week.

So that's a wrap, as i said I will try to get back on line as quickly as I can. please share the blog with as many people as possible, and keep your eyes for the changes that are set to come.
Ciao for now.