Tuesday, 29 September 2015

All right All right All right.
This weeks installment for you all. Got lots of replies back last week about some of the things I've talked about and most about the beauty of motorcycle parts in particular Titanium things. In fact one of you the faithful is sending me a Titanium wheel nut for my Diavel, so thank you Nik I do appreciate it. I'll reciprocate and send you a V2Guzzi T shirt. Great to have now spoken with a lot of you. Sorry that I cant be friends with you all on face book, I know that a lot have tried, it's not that I am ignoring you it's just that my face book has become so large that I can't keep up with it all. I value your friendship and your input and over time I will get to reply to you all. I am glad that you like the blog. So without further adieu here's this weeks for you all. Oh sorry too Vic for not being able to come down south with you all, glad the blog was the catalyst for that, funny how things like that work it would have been good to catch up with some of the faithful, perhaps next time.

Tui's ad, yeah right Can you see why this device didn't work, he talked into her ear so she wouldn't listen anyway, she talked into his head, so he wouldn't understand, that's going no where when your riding.

It's not just me even though I've owned a few of them, but they pop up all over the net, so people must like them as much as me.

Another Scrambler out the door of Motomart. I've seen heaps of them on the road now, proving to be very popular. Some love em some hate em, personally I think they are bloody nice, better then the Yamaha that's just come out, and almost as nice as the R Nine T. Go check them out.

Remember these Haydn?

He was a classy guy, who ended up with a deep love of orchids. Strange how things work out.

Egli bikes are right nice.
Don't normally have bikes like this on here, but a nice bike is a nice bike, and who am I to discriminate.

And I was like Brrrraaaappppppp

As a 'standard' motorcycle they build them bloody well, it's all about form and function

On Trade Me. Nice wee jigger

True adventure riding, this looks like fun.

Shall I or shan't I, it's up to you Haydn. Your call.

Check out this bike hauler

RSV Mille, nice

Sounds like me sometimes when I'm looking at motorcycles, or helmets, or gloves, or boots, oh shit we are all like that, at least most of the people I know.

That damn Marlborough man eh, he went everywhere

There's always one, scrubbin it up
It must have been a .........................wait for it a Beech aircraft. Haha

A pretty cool image of Europe

Foxies eh? Mad as March hares. Nothing phases them, nothing.
Count them, epic

Very tidy thing

Ducati Motard
Bradley at the Suzuka 8 hours

Nice line up of classic racers, shit I wish we'd had 24 Endurance racers here in NZ.

Skkkkkkkeeeeessssscccchhhhhhhhhhhh..........hot hot hot ouch ouch ouch.

Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I've always said that they were the ugliest most beautiful Guzzi ever, but this one is not that nice.

Some Triumphs do actually fly.

Classic Rod.
It's all gone wrong

It seemed like we were so fast in those days

These are so lovely.

Just a lovely shot poetry in motion

Yep that man deserves a beer.
I remember getting mine in a very similar condition
I saw a sidecar going around Bully Point in Taupo the other day with the passenger doing exactly this, a tad more upright but the same as this. They must have come from the Cold Kiwi


Ohhhhhhhh yeah

Cool truck

Rickman Kawasaki

ZX10 flat tracker!!!!!!

Tony and Robert having at it in Paeroa. A few seconds later Tony taught Robert a lesson in race craft and Robert was beaten.

Electrical fault?

Fuk u oka? hahaha
Nice Manzone

Funny I always recall the 900 and then an image pops up and you go "oh shit that's right they did do an 1100".

The Rotary was a very nice motorcycle
Craig what were you thinking?

This is about as nice as a nice things gets
Gracefield, that's Brads shed in the background

I had a day at Mission like this, must do it again with my riding buddies. This IS adventure riding, I mean trying to discover whether a Riesling is better then a Chardonnay is bloody hard work.

Pretty out there CX Maggot
I still remember the article where he rode this into the sea on a Cycle World test.

Diavels' in the dessert
On the way to the classic TT.
Magni Australia, a very nice and quite rare Guzzi.

All the young things

 Airbus 400 I think

 Sometimes the rights of freedom should be contained , really it should.
 Who knew Boeing made a Delta wing eh?
 Mike's brother.

 Quite like this one too. I wonder why, oh that's right it looks like mine.
 Now that's a Turbo
 Starting to like these a lot.

And what a way to end. In the words of Bugs Bunny "that's all folks". Hope you all enjoyed it.