Sunday, 28 January 2018

It's early in the morning, this is the last post for January, and to be honest, I've been out riding, and putting some miles on the new Katoomba GT. have to say I am loving this new bike, I am still coming to grips with some of the technology, the quick shift is a revelation, but I am not liking the fly by wire throttle, it's too touchy and there is no resistance. Had a pillion on as well, and the electronics as far as suspension are concerned are spot on. The next day after the ride I was getting bounced around and realised that I still had the suspension set for two!!! Changed that and immediately the bike came back to me, and we were away. I've ordered new panniers for it, as this is the bike I will travel Europe on, and a new radar turned up last week as well, I am thinking I am definitely going to be needing that. All i have to do is figure out how the wiring works. haha, it has to be said that when it comes to electronics I go all dead eyed. Plenty of bikes out on the road, got overtaken by a Triumph XC adventure thing on the way to Napier the other day, boy I wish I didn't have a first time pillion on board. But hey it was a beautiful day, no clouds, warm ( hot in fact), and a great destination to go to for brunch, so no worries. Any ways here's this weeks blog for you all to enjoy. Not too much editing or thought to placement of the images this week ( for some the good bits are in the middle), so please enjoy and please share.
Oh I've got the new T shirts in too, so check out the web site.
Have a great week riding and enjoy your bikes.

Still a great bike, I love these things, bullet proof and quite fast.

This guys up for an adventure
Don't recall ever liking these, but they are starting to be collected now

Let out the dogs, the new V4 being readied for the first motorcycle magazine test

Now if you can find them, they are starting to go up in value.

This bike was slagged off in the press when it came out, but now you can see the beauty in them

Noice mate noice

Rossi in training

A a young man from Masterton playing with his new toy in japan

V8 two strokes....yes please
I hope you are all going, this will be a great event
This is how they used to train for the next days racing

This years new Ducati

Promo shot of Vale, look how he fits the bike

An ouch is about to happen. Nice form though

Very pretty indeed

Moto Benzine seems to be very busy

It's a really it is.

When you have a winter afternoon, some spare parts and time, you can do anyhting

My friend Mike Breen has a good eye for a photo

Ar Phillip Island this weekend just gone, don't they look awesome at speed
Just as pretty as the 916, it has something even for a Honda

Winglets for the Honda this year.
Joey lights up on top of a can of gas. haha.

 V8 Twin Turbo Hayabusa, yoikks

 Fuck, that'd give you a fright!!!!!

 a 16 inch shell went through 20 inch plating on the Yamamoto cruiser. I'll bet that made a noise

And that folks is that for another week. I may be a little late next week, as I have bikes and a daughter to pick up so am going to be all over the place. Speaking of which, I've got some nice bikes arriving this week, so keep tuned to what is coming into stock. In the meantime keep it shiney side up and enjoy this fantastic riding weather.