Wednesday, 26 February 2014

This is the piston from a Honda NR750, a very clever way to increase cc's and power but keep an engine the same physical size. The technology that went into the rings was amazing, even more so the work that went into a valve job.

tasty little Norton

Run it up I say.

Bike porn, pure bike porn, some of my friends out there are used to this sort of equipment and used it every weekend on tracks around the world, but to mere mortals this sort of kit is bloody beautiful

And speaking of bike porn, so is this

A Honda 90 scooter turned into a work of art, love it

He's only got six inches of suspension ( 3 in the tyre and 3 in his arse), so he wont be jumping any higher

Hmmmmm a famous Munch, no the bike you fools the bike

Bike porn again

There is one of these for sale down south at the moment for about $14K, it is a bargain

A very very nice Norton

This is what it's all about, pulling on a helmet and going for it.

Bike must be real slow it looks like the skiers about to get him on the inside


Insanity haha, these things are cool, kind of like a caravan with no car

Great shot


Adventure riding NZ style

They managed to get the last five of these together, isn't this amazing

These things are so so cool

Ducati 125 4 cylinder 8 speed engine made by watch makers late at night in the light of smithies fires, forged from metal and black coffee with a little Chianti and raviola thrown in.

here's that Honda again, I like this alot

A view of the Titanic that you normally don't see.

Barn Finds

love it

A beautiful triumph

Hmmm Mr Hailwood looks pissed of and the Honda mechanics look puzzled

It's amazing where motorcycle design is taking us


beautiful boots

I remember see these cars, when F1 was really about letting the engineers have a free run. Amazing

Apparently Lotus wants to build bikes. I know it excites some, but not too sure about that front end, looks a bit 'long' for me.

They call this doing a scorpion haha, poor little bugger. oh well guess there's no time like the present to learn about how hot asphalt can get on a naked knee, and exactly what asphalt tastes like ( burnt Vegemite

This is a Shuttle taking off, puts it all in perspective really