Saturday, 29 February 2020

Sitting here thinnking about how to right the wrongs of the world, and it occurred to me, that no matter who you are, what you do, where you live, how you go about your life, if you have the one constant of motorcycles in your life things are better. I am always amazed, I have friends all over the world, some don't understand me, I have no idea what they are saying ( thank goodness for Google translate), but we all seem to live our lives in the same way. Meetings with your motorcycling buddies, rides with them, dinners out, longer rides planned, no matter what the constant vibe in our lives is motorcycles and everything that that entails are there and an intrinsic part pf our lives. So perhaps we should vote motorcyclists into power and calm the world the fuck down. Imagine if the Americans want to invade Venezuela, and we got the marines to ride down, do a tour, and we got the Venezuela army to ride up to meet them. Imagine the size of the rally they would have by the time they got to meet. Everyone would be telling bullshit stories of  their deeds on the ride. The bonfires would run deep into the night, the beer would flow, and after two or three days everyone would be full of self satisfied smugness about doing 'the ride', that they wouldn't need to have wars or conflict. It's silly I know, but it's true, you wave to that unknown rider going the other way, you nod your head at other people who have helmets in their hands, or on the floor beside the cafe table, we are a part of a global family, thank goodness for that.

My new toy, for now, really enjoying the bike, but it does need work for me to fit it. First issue rear tyre wider then seat, wet back and bum, not good.

And now it looks likes this. 

 New bike, new Leda Leathers, new Arai, old tyres or about to be haha, wharra plonkahhhh

 Craftsmanship here

 Ohhh no, sometimes Mike didn't make it all the way around

 Only the Italians

A field of broken bones

 Rossi celebrating his birthday like yah would

 The Marshall's get to play as well

 Diavels do corner

 Flight path for a Wellington Bomber, these maps were just found

 A jet engine for your bike

 This was pure porn back in our day, still is actually

 We do this in New Zealand

 Seems to be the mod, extend your swing arm

 Pure lust
 There's a song " and teach your children well"

 I mean just cram it all in there, no wonder a service can take days

 Be that guy

 Suzuki's new toy

 Street legal in Germany apparently, love it

 Above in our minds, below the grime reality

 GSXR 1100, stunning exhaust work made to look like an older Rg racer from behind

 If you have one in the shed, do this to it, stunning

 Now the boys at Indy are getting serious, this car is just drop dead stunning

 Ferrari are getting serious over in F1 too.

Now this is a bit of me