Saturday, 28 January 2017

Hey there, how's it all going. The sun is shining , it's getting hot and I'm sitting here doing this for your viewing pleasure. Got my new toy this week, a pretty nice ZRX1100, so went a bit crazy and ordered all sorts of parts for the thing, So over the next few weeks, you will see it transformed into the really nice street rod that it should be. Ohlins, Kerker, Race Tech, new paint, handle bars oil coolers, body work, you name it , it's all on it's way to me now. So can't wait to get started on that wee project. A whole lot of interesting images this week, in particular the garage full of Katanas, I just can't believe that one man can have so many, and from the stories that i have been listening too he knows what they are or will be worth, but it's pretty magical. MotoGP is swinging into gear and it's only a few short weeks away now before the season kicks off. Can't wait to see how Jorge goes on the Ducati and Venales on the Yamaha, it's certainly building up to be a another fantastic season, that's for sure. Got the long Lunch happening in a couple of weeks, another cultural event here in New Zealand where an awful lot of the countries ex racers and luminaries get together to spin shit, tell tales and generally have a good time in a relaxed atmosphere. Really looking forward to that. Then of course there is Paeroa, one of more famous street races which is manic in the extreme. Anyways enough on with the blog. get in here!

If you want to know how big this is, check out the two guys standing on the helicopter deck! It's big.
Great shot

I know your probably thinking "Gaaayyyy', but there is nothing wrong with being well dressed.

Unmistakably Porsche.......................................timeless
Ural cool too.

I'd travel in that


Still crazy after all these years
I'm all about the paint

A big order has just come through
Spondon framed Ducatis, very nice in their day, actually still very nice today.


I knew these would start appearing here

What workmanship.

Loved this on the back of the trailer

A small part of the hadron collider machine

here you go, get ready to weep

I like this thing a whole lot

Double A ron called in to see me last week

My old mate Michael in his younger days

Yeeee Haaaaaaa

I love shit like this

How nice is this work?

Mine, mine, mine, mine
You know, I still think the styling was amazing, when you see them, you go " Whoa, that's cool".

Just like these too, these are way cool, I don't like the street fighter GSXR's but I love these like this , so clean and simple

It is very nice!!!!!

My first race bike was a Pantah, it's still in my blood

How do you even begin to work on this?

Super performance indeed

I met Roberto Crepaldi when I traveled to Italy to visit the Ducati factory, and then to Oschersleben to watch the Britten race in the Bears meeting.

I miss my one

Scotty, this one is for you. Not quite but close

Indeed for race only, wonder what it went on, because it's not small.

And with that folks, that is that for another week. Hope you had a few quiet moments to take it all in, it was a pleasure putting it together for you. So until next week, ride fast.