Monday, 29 August 2016

Sunday Morning, sitting here working on the blog, suns out, phones as flat as a pancake, no interruptions, bliss. I've got a  great book to finish off, the tale of Ernst Degner Stealing Speed, the man who stole the secrets of the 2 stroke engine and sold them to Suzuki and as a result changed the racing world for ever. Well worth the read, it's amazing how far reaching this engineering went and how it affected most of us.As I said last week roll on summer. Got a few chores to do first, finishing of painting the brackets for the BMW, wash the Bimota and the two Ducatis, and I might even give the Diavel a clean if time allows. Down to Wellington this week or early next week, more bikes to have a look at and choose a couple of nice ones. Not too sure what the next project will be, but I need a couple of customs ready for the Big Boys Toys in a couple of months time. So it's all go at the moment. I try and stay as busy as I can, given my history. Right enough of this I say, it's time for you all to go get a bourbon, take an hour of your time and sit back and enjoy this weeks images for you all. Some you may look at and think what is this doing on here, but the reason is it's for inspiration, color schemes, a piece of metal bent in a certain way that you might like on your bike, a leather seat combination that would set your own toy of brilliantly, so they all have meaning in some way. Having said that some are just for the pure enjoyment of a moment. So enjoy the moment, you don't know how many you have left. Get on with it.

Ducati endurance racers always looked the best
 These little Mitos looked quite nice too. Pity they didn't go like they look.

 factory finish these days is pretty amazing

 A ride, sun on your back, warm leather jackets, and a cold cold beer. Perfec!!!!!

 The boys are having fun here.

 Titan race bikes, the road bike was pretty epic, the race bike must have been epicer?
 Lovely paint, lovely bike for that matter

 Ducati had some front tyre issues last week, check out this image.

 Very very pretty

 This is one nice Moto Guzzi

 I liked this message a lot, what a great idea. Start it today
 MV Augusta, a great new design by Zagato I think. I really love it when someone comes along with ideas that bend the rules, and that make something that looks ( well nice to start with) normal so new

 Pretty wee thing, and to think this was over 20 years ago.

 Even standard they lok pretty good.

 The engine that carried millions of packages all over England in the early 80's. If you weren't on a CX500 then you weren't doing the job. This one looks a little more 'hooked' than normal though it has to be said.

 A great image, last year i swiped the side of a caravan going the other way with the top of my helmet. He was a bit wide it has to be said, but I was in a little to tight as well.

 This made me laugh

 Phew, that's a lot of fire power right there, what a waste of time and money, and lives.
 This guy is putting in the grunt.

 A 750TT endurance racer, one of six built, and now for sale. I wish, I wish

 I think it's going to bottom out in a minute

 Ouch. never very nice to open up an engine and see this.

Now this guy has gone beyong the call of duty when it comes to making sure his ride is polished. Check it out

 Rossi's engine room

 This guy can wire my bikes any day. Look at the work that has gone in here. Amazing. I know a guy in Auckland that does shit like this. Don't I Vic.

 Squeeze as much into the middle as possible.

 Nice Scrambler.

 The RCV 213 was at the show  a few weeks ago. $320K and it's yours, but the fireblade sitting next to it produces more HP, if you want that, that'll be another 70K

 My mate from down south tackling some mud holes in his truck

 One of the prettiest bikes ever made.

 Another really nice engine unit. there is something about these that i just get.

 I wonder how the shock will work But a nice concept

 Oh Fuck is right, what a travesty.

 Now this would be nice
 My friend Stephan just did a wee ride around the North Island, he takes a pretty cool photo that's for sure.

 Oh yes, I know some of you will remember this.

 These things are just mental 400 KPH mental.

 I'm reading the story of how this technology came about. remember pulse engines and the V1 and V2 rockets that the Nazi's fired on England, that's right that's how these came about.

 This happened just this week, that'd give you the shits wouldn't it, erh excuse me but the engines fallen off.

 Trying to get my hands on some Triumphs at the moment, I've some great ideas for a couple of customs.
 This is very very tidy work.

And that is another fine ending to this weeks blog for you all. Thanks for all the messages, I've really enjoyed your input. Glad that you all like what goes on here, and glad that you all to a person ride. Keep it up.