Wednesday, 20 September 2017

OK, here we are again, bit of a strange week this week, all sorts of stuff non motorcycle related, so that has taken a bit of my time. Spent 4 hours yesterday alone just getting my 15 minute on line passport sorted out for my trip to Japan in a couple of weeks. Just as well i checked the passport eh?. Bike sales are a bit slow it has to be said, but with all this rain it's no wonder really. managed to take the ZRX for a ride up to the Auckland motorcycle show, that was a good event, and I meet quite a few of you readers and purveyors of fine things up there, so it was great to catch up and have a chat. I have to say, I've done a shit load of riding in the rain over the years with a few in London as a dispatch rider, and I've always said that if you see me riding the other way that means its raining up ahead and I'm off to the nearest bar. Well leaving Te Aroha on Saturday, it threw it down, we got down the 35Kph it was that heavy, even my Dianese D dry suit took in some rain and that takes some doing!!!! Fortunately it passed and the rest of the ride was pretty good. It was nice to get out with my mates and have a bit of a cruise ( no speed limits were broken haha). Really amazed at the quality of the some of the builds and the restorations going on fantastic work that's for sure. I meet one bloke who said to me that this blog had changed the way he thinks about bikes, life, and his general attitude to getting on I guess you could say, so that was pretty nice, good to know that the this site effects people in different ways. And met another bloke who went out and bought a TAG!!!!! Funny, he didn't buy me one, but as I said I'm off to Japan in a couple of weeks and I will get one there. Anyways here's this week collection, enjoy and ride fast.

Love these images


I think he'll get about 2000 kilometers out of it

Perfection really
Coming to a race track near you this year, check out Jacob Stroud on the Kraumer

Just tidy

A bit of polish it'll be alright
This one comes straight from the sand pit, one of the very first GT's. I miss my two


Nice room Mick

Above and below, it's what we have been waiting for the new V Four from Ducati

I think this might be the one

Reminds me of my dispatch days

The passing of time has certainly bought about a new style of riding

I've got 2 1200's coming and this looks really nice

Sustained loss of traction I think our police call it

This REALLY does remind me of my dispatch days

Always like shoots like this

A small montage of NZ riders that have done weell on the international stage, good on them, although there are a few missing from here.

I have no idea as to what is going on here, but it looks like fun

Nice and simple and you can stil buy these for less then 2K, they make a great platform for not a lot of money

Whjat great work

Lovely little SR400, this thing is just about perfect

And on that note, that's all folk, stay tuned for the next few weeks as I do a bit of a travel type blog on my way to Motegi, perhaps we will see Vale race again. Transmission may be interrupted during this, but you get the picture. Now bugger off, share the blog with as many as you can,and I will hopefully see you all at some stage on the road somewhere. Check out the Timaru classic meeting in late November, a great meeting and some great heroes of our sport both international and local.