Friday, 29 November 2019

Crazy, December is on us, another year slips by and so much has happened since this time last year. Considering I wasn't even supposed to be here 4 years ago, I consider myself pretty bloody lucky to still be among you all. Lots of motorcycles have passed through my hands, a few friends have fallen by the wayside, some regrettable some not so, but that's life I suppose. Plenty going on in the motorcycle world that's for sure. It's that time for our Northern cousins to hit the sheds and build that new batch of customs for us all to look at in awe, can't wait for what is happening out there. Been keeping my eye on a few builds and there is some spectacular work being done by the garage elves that's for sure. Our riding season is upon us, and I must plan for my annual pilgrimage to Wanganui for the street races, I have to take an engine there this year, so I have reason to go. I missed last year due to my health being a bit fragile, but hopefully I'll be able to avoid the lurge and make it this year. My Guzzi is progressing well, all out at panel, paint and powder coat, all this happening while I wait for bikes to arrive from Japan, so I may as well get on with the re build. I'm having the entire bike done, new barrells, pistons, cam gear timing, new carbs, valves, seats, and rocker gear, gearbox shimmed, diff overhauled, Ohlins  and racetech suspension, so when I get it finished it will be a brand new old bike. I'm adding some individual touches to the bike as well, what else would you expect. Just spent a few days with the signage people getting the pin stripes sorted which will be quite tricky. Infact today I am going to start on the rear rack to nestle between the panniers. I've drawn a lot of inspiration from the black Moto Guzzi below. OK, enough here's the weeks installment, get out there and ride.

Found this old photo taken back in 78-79, 5 people on board heading into Taupo in a rental, who knew Toyota Coronas could do that haha

Great shot

Erhmm excuse me.......

You know I love these old leviathans

The latest and greatest thing on the market, carbon conrods, lighter and stronger than a metal equivalent, now this is progress.

A closer look at them, pretty neat huh?

Works paddock

 Vale at speed

 Pretty neat for standard eh? Beautiful design work and meticulous execution

 Noice paint mite

 The Californian bush fires do not discriminate

Who didn't lust after one of these

 Beautiful really

 Love these 8 Hour motorcycles

A wave of berm mud, great shot

No calories in mud