Tuesday, 24 February 2015

OK, here's the catch up blog, Heaps of great images and the first images of the Moto Guzzi I've been working on for a long time. Also lots of images of racing here in New Zealand, and from a trip that I just did around the South Island with old and new mates. Visited a world class museum in Nelson as well.So enjoy.

 2015 Ducati looks nice

 It's a great country to ride in that's for sure.

 Quiet little back roads that go for miles and NO Police, oh yeah
 The Gentle Anni central North Island New Zealand

 I saw this image this morning and really liked the composition and the image

 Gary Goodfellow gets re acquainted with his old Britten

 The weather was perfect, the roads were awesome and the riders were right on the case.

 My new toy very early in the morning waiting for a ride.

 A lovely Griso

 I like Balcony's.

 A great way to show you how under currents work and how powerful they can be.

 Nice little red Vincent

An RS750 engine from a Honda Flat tracker turned into a pretty capable road racer

One of FBF's first Ducatis


It got pretty busy down there in that pit

 Only the Italians can make metal look so bloody good.

It's Joseph and his amazing techno colored motorcycle
A beautiful workshop

Here's that shop again, check out the tools in the back ground, garages can be the coolest place in the house to live
So can the bedrooms

I love these guys for having a place like this
These two going at it, check out the stuttered black lines coming off of that rear on the TZ

Art really, I always loved the curve of that kick start.

I liked this too

I know this guy, it looks like he is still holding on, but sorry Aaron, your having an accident

There's nowt like a good wheelstand

Mmmmm Beeeeerrrrr

An interesting concept that seems to work very well

Nice little kiss for my brave boy
Evil Kid Nevil
Pitch it in, you'll be ok

Racing on the roads in New Zealand

Triplets oh my oh my
 Street Racing too

 Vince digging it in, check out his Guzzi, it is seriously nice

 Hemi Pacers and Vauxhall Victors what an era eh

 Clever idea

Who has had these ?
I know she has but for different reasons

Doff Doff

And that's about the perfect ending