Monday, 21 May 2018

Welcome back, how was your week? I had a pretty full on one that's for sure. So formalities, thank you one and all for your great birthday wishes and notes, and that's the reason the blog is late this week, you see I've been away for the weekend with family and friends celebrating with them, and I did not want anyone to know that i was away and have my shopped broken into again. Normally i arrange for someone to be here, but this weekend was a bit different, as the person who is usually here was away with me. You can never be too sure really can you? Anyways I am truly humbled that this blog touches so many people, and on all different levels, it was an amazing experience to read your thoughts on my little corner of the world. It's nothing really, I mean, we all like motorcycles, food, aviation, fast cars, big engines, gorgeous ladies, did I mention motorcycles, it's quite a simple recipe really, wouldn't you agree? So quick, and short, here is this weeks installment for you all. Please enjoy, share, and spread the word.

Still crazy after all these years

A new TZ, where do you find a brand new TZ FGS

 That'll work

I love this photo, it's a very real commentary on the lives we live today. There's only one person in this image who is actually there.

Man car

 Nice find sir.....

It's called mass centralization

Now I don't normally put up a lot of dragster images but this next lot is absolutely astonishing, the photographer is perhaps the best I've seen. I will do some digging and find out who he is. Check these out

Always wear proper gear...please

And to finsih with, one of the nicest photos I've seen of a very pretty motorcycle, Guzzi, it's all about that engine. So there you go, another week. Please share , spread the word, get me out there, and you get out there, ride and enjoy. Ciao.