Sunday, 31 May 2015

Hey Ho fellow motorcyclists and purveyors of fine things with engines, here's the latest episode for you all to get hooked into. From the comments I got back from the mid week release of spare images, I must be doing something right. I'm amazed that the images seem to appeal to everyone, from the Japanese, through to the Italians, Spanish, Alaskans and  to the lads in Greenland ( who don't get much sun by the sounds of it). A universal language of motorcycles and good times, so here's some more for you.

 Now this guy still hasn't left home yet, his forks have arrived at the party but he still some ways to go before he gets there.
The laverda has always been a bit of mystery to me. I raced against them, and they went OK, nd I've come across a few out on the road that have gone very well, and I rode one back when I was a 65Kilo weakling, it did intimidate me, but when I look at them now they still seem a bit out there strange. I like that in a bike.

 Honda's suspension team at HRC

 Go figure, who knew eh?
 I do love these

 This blog has some big arsed earth moving equipment in it, just to give you a better idea of scale and the nature of some designs that we never see.
 A V12 Lambo, that's just a bit silly

 Now that's a truck.

 This must be a ................................wait for it, a tip truck, ha ha ha
 Illusions of grandeur, he still thinks that he can save this. Jason McEwen thought he could do the same on an 851 as well, I know cos me and Pav saw it going into Holden.
 Fricken miles under ground

 That looks cold.Actually it looks like a Pavlova.
 There are some talented bugger out there.

 No seriously, this is real
 So is this, this thing is immense

 Pretty little motorcycle
 48 cylinder two stroke Kawasaki, yoikks

 Chirp, chirp Chiirrrrpppppp, oh fuck it bail out time

 Dr Ing Taglioni, a master of engineering
 God was a pretty good engineer two sic.

 I used to love camping
 This is a lovely Guzzi

 This guy has race eyes that's for sure.

 Now this one is growing on me.

 Well that's fucked that one then.
 Looking all the world like a scene from Syria, but no Mad Max, I wonder where ISIS got their style clues from.

 Some mixed up racers.

 I want one of these.
 Using about everything that he has been given, well done

 One very very pretty Vincent.
 Look how much shit they pack onto a two stroke racer in the day. It was supposed to be simple
Oye Yoye Yoye......

 They don;t know what they are doing, they strayed into a prohibited area wearing totally inappropriate safety clothing, there's going to be trouble.

 I laughed out loud when I saw this. I was always told to never ever let the blue smoke out of the wires, and what do you know, you can buy it new!!!!!!


 Tesla dash board, coming soon to a car near you.

 Battery power is on the way, but still not just yet, but nearly.

Bike riding people are so much better fun than 'normal' people. I was going to ask what are you? But then you wouldn't be here if you weren't a part of the motorcycling set.

 Tesla batteries in a car.
 Now that's a wave.
 This looks a bit like my garage.

 Wasn't she lovely in Wolves of Wall Street

 Turns out this guy was a Russian Boxing champ, the guys that picked on him, soon found out.

 Nice work

And that lads is that. Stayed tuned and spread the word, share the site to as many as possible, there's plenty more to come. See you I'm off for a ride, a coffee or maybe a burger and beer somewhere. Wished that I still smoked tabs that would about round the afternoon right out haha.