Sunday, 31 December 2017

Well happy new year to you all. What is 2018 going to bring? It was a strange year last year so I'm hoping for better tings this year. I think this year has some pretty good things in store for me, if the plans work out, but it's a pretty big if that's for sure, don't want to get my hopes up just yet. Finished off the year in quite a sad way it has to be said, it's never nice when you think you have something only to find out you didn't. But that's another story I guess, another page in my life diary turned over.Had a good ride to Wanganui this year and it was fantastic to meet up with more of you the faithful followers, that's for sure. So sitting here at my desk it's the 1st day of the new year and here is the first installment of the year, I hope you all enjoy and please share the blog, the more the merrier.
New T shirts should be here in the next week, so keep your eyes out for them. I've got 5 on back order after not being able to supply them due to the robbery, but I will sort that out next week, oh and there is a new design coming out as well.

Man I love these, I'd love to do one for a customer that's for sure. Got loads of ideas for this model.

An oldy but a goody


This is the Kramer that some friends of mine are sponsoring, it's proved to be a bit recalcitrant but I am sure that it will get sorted.

This might be me this year, big ideas........

This is where the saying Hold fast comes from. Not for me.

Now....this is pretty

Here's Jacob Stroud riding the Kramer

The Harley Davidson company tried a few things before coming out with the two wheeled idea.

Wanganui 2017, showing everyone how to get through the s's the right way, on the pipe and on the back wheel.

A very lovely Honda.....

So that's the first for 2018, the road always calls, it's out there waiting for you and me to ride, so keep it upright and get out there. Ciao for now.....