Thursday, 30 October 2014

Ever feel like this, I do sometimes

The new triumph motor is well a triumph of engineering, really nice unit

Beer mmmmm

 How cool are these?

That's what happens when you fuck the empire off.
Oh what a road
A pretty tricked out BMW going on here, this is the 6 cylinder 1300cc engine I believe. See you can street anything really

Nice advertisements 200 miles to the gallon, stupid bastards they didn't even have a fuel crisis then shit they should have a million horsepower and only traveled about 30 meters on a tank

 Oye yoi yoi yoye, it's only natural that i should want to be with you ( words by Neil Finn)

I had a mate that used to race one of these Mr Pollard was his name Oh

pretty mean looking thing
This has to be photoshopped, I mean that boat can't lean over that far..can it?

Fuck he's going to need more than the German helmet

Nice detailing


Insurance is painless and only $215.00

Load her up

A really spiffing young lady in her shorts and jersey, she's a good sport, rather

Nice triumph here too.

Looks like the Deus cafe
Now this is a big twin with a beautiful front end, no not the one below, this one above

How cool is this image

great landing boys

Yeee haaaaa 

 I remember teaching my son this when he could hardly hold onto his young fullah, that as a bloke you should stop on the side of the road and you could pee as high as you possibly could without getting it on yourself.

Engines made to look beautiful, it's long been the biggest drain on the designers and engineers because it's so visible how do you make it look gorgous, well Ducati nailed it in the late sixties with this the round case bevel engine.

Nice little Ducati

I'm going to find out where this shop is and I'm going to go there.

barber museum

Hmm still not sure that what they've done to my favorite bike is good, actually I am this is awful

Who used to spend hours spraying their mates in mud

It's always been about that engines

The dude in front's a bit gay, and they are all wearing the same type of sunglasses

A very cool garage for you to want
Looks like plenty of room underneath too


Only the quick and the dead

And to finish this weeks instalment off a little flourish of the beautiful girls that manage to sneak their way in, and all for your enjoyment.

Have you managed to work out the similarities in these two photos, but you will need to look really closely to see it.

That's right they are both on balconies, clever eh?

 Nice tan lines

ha ha wrong angle

And that's about a wrap, hope you enjoyed that, see you next week.