Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bit of a strange weekend, ANZAC and all that, but it was good to have a moment to pay respects to those young men that died so we could ride, and have the freedoms to do what we do without too much interference. So having given my thanks to those who went before us, here's this weeks episode of bikes, and cars, and topics we all love to talk about about over a beer

Classic little paint job going on here.

This XJR was the cafe style bike that really got me started on the path to this sort of bike, and I'm still left wondering why I don't have one, I reckon this could be done for less than $7k, these are real blokes bikes, doesn't matter how big or small you are, they just go and go. So you'd need an exhaust, an Imola tank, some clip ons a seat and some side board number panels, and there you have it. Simple is simple and this is best.

We used to call these things 'bladders', without doubt the best camera in the world, pity I sold  the ones I had, ( I'm always selling shit to buy shit").

Panigale loveliness I love the way the engineers have worked with the designers and centralized the mass of the bike, and yet still managed to get form and function working together flawlessly. This bike has great indoor outdoor flow.

used to have one of these once too!!!!!

Well thought out design, and great execution, fantastic

T500 Suzuki behind the girl. "get the frick out of the way Beeeartch".

Panigale street rod

But this one is heaps nicer, love the paintwork

Craftsmanship pure and simple 

Shit I love this paint job.

Maccas delivered by Panigale, amazing, bet they're still hot when they arrive.

Boat scrap yard in Bangladesh, amazing images of where old boats go to die.

SoCal bike building has never been stronger or more refined as it is right now.

Great carvings, think I've had this on here before, but they are neat. Seen one in real life and they are pretty cool.

I'm starting to get a liking for these sorts of bikes as well.

Great art

Now that's a spicy meat a ball, shit!!!!

Mmmmm Mopar

Mopar again, nobody does it better

Now that is unmistakable isn't it.

Nice GPZ, looking very similar in profile to...

the venerable Katana

Sanctuary Kawasaki are pretty cool

Those eastern bloc countries never quite got the whole 'design aesthetic' really did they?

A YZF Yamaha tenere bike, never seen one of these before

Boat motors, really

haha $5.00 bucks for a leather jacket, how things have changed

Interesting machine, and when you check the photo closely, it actually does work as far as suspension and steering is concerned

tearing silk...............that's the noise these things make.

A nice version of a ZRX1200

Apparently it works too!!!!!

nice wee triumph

F1 engineering is amazing

Three f40's all in a tow

Ducati Loveliness 

Don't know where this is, but it looks impressive

Without doubt the sexiest motorcycle ever made 

Hmmmm those plugs seem to be running right

These ones certainly are, that's for sure.

Nice little Yamaha, note front end very clever engineering. Saw one of these for sale a year or so ago and they guy selling wanted $13K for it.

had one of these too, but not with turbos.

Trials riders and their bikes are quite amazing, always impressed with what they can scale

Clear plastics, quite a cool idea

ZRX's are lovely

Eat Dust 0.0006 calories per mouth full, no sodium and definitely no sugar

Mark Marquez 

Nice collection of things

Pretty cool and not so cool trailers 

This just looks wrong!!!!

This one somehow, just looks right

RS6 trailer 

A lovely interpretation of what a classic cafe racer should look like. Love the work going on here.

Just like mine, not quite but close.

HUD in helmets is only a moment away apparently, here's what it will look like, I cant wait

Now if BMW produced this, i might change my mind on these new bikes they are making.

Damn, this was a paint job I had considered for my Guzzi, Damn.

I have got a street artist all prepped for the paint work on my tank, but I am prone to changing my mind as far as color schemes are concerned, because they can either make or break a bikes looks. I had this color scheme and the Gulf color scheme as back ups. My last Guzzi took about 3 weeks and going backwards and forwards with the gunslinger until I settled on the right combination of colors. But I do like this

My guess is 'when your the world champion everything comes to you'

Now this guy, is doing this on purpose, he's going into the corner, tipping it on it's head and flicking the bike over to get a quicker more upright exit. Amazing. Apparently a number of the other top riders were seen to be trying this but without much success.

Then you just put your elbow into the ground as well.

I'm in front, now I'm behind you.

These two images show a bit of the work that is being done with sound waves, enough said

Now young skaters crush their nuts on handrails, when you don't have a handrail this is what you do ...apparently

from  Rallying the Killing years, amazing eh!!!!

I don't know, I just don't know, WTF

Now if you get a rare earth magnet and drop it through a copper tube, this is what it does

Even with all those front wheels he still manages to get over steer

Now this little clip has been causing a bit of a stir, a ghost car comes out of no where, I know that there has to be an explanation for it, but it is still a pretty good  little clip.
Nice pit lane

I remember these, they were brutal and wild, great fun, "dad please buy me a hatch".

This was quite interesting even if it is a Harley Davidson

Just a pure animal

Craftsmanship will always shine through

Honda's suspension team take a well earned doughnut break 

I do like a good knife.

I was thinking of doing an art bike with a street artist company called BDM, but I'm wavering

Phnarr phnarr love the helmets

This is a big wave, no really it is you can tell

Which button do you choose?

Joke eh?

Yes please

And somewhere in a brightly lit European alley way is a boy on a scooter perpetuating the myth that they do this better than anyone else in the world.