Friday, 24 April 2020

Well, I'd be the first to admit, that this isolation thing is starting to get to me. It's not so much being stuck here in my workshop ( I can think of worse places), but it's the not being able to ride that is getting me. I sit here and look at the Guzzi, stalled in the build because I can't get to the auto electricians, and the BMW with less than a 1000 k's on it, just taunting me. I've done 14 kilometers in the last 4 weeks, 14!!!!!! It's bugging me intensely.  So I thought I may as well sit down and get this installment done. The net is alive with bikes at the moment, lots of builds going on and lots of people dredging through their old images and posting. Some of this has been very good, it has to be said. I'm certainly not lacking from quantity, and some of it has bought back memories from the past of bikes that I used to own, rides that I have done, places that I have been to, so from that aspect it's been good. It's also reminded me of things that I had forgotten. I miss a whole bunch of that, like riding with the Wellington team, all on adventure bikes and all having a great laugh around the islands both on and off road. They are a committed lot that's for sure. I also miss riding with my current group too, the Lizards. Facebook is a bitch at reminding you that this time 4 years ago you were here, or 3 years ago there and you look at the images and smile. The people you met, some great, some good and some, well I guess they can find their own way. Turning up to your motel or pub for the night, getting changed, hitting the bar, soaking in the atmosphere and the fire, tucking into a great big pub meal and laughing all night about the ride that day, going through each minute in detail. And that's the point I suppose, we have to give a little now, to take a lot later, and I for one can't wait to get back out there and start some new adventures. So, here we all are stuck at home, enjoy the blog, take some time, and just realise how fucking lucky we are.

Now that box hangs out a fair way.

Nowadays they hang the inside leg off.
Bimota restoration, looks beautiful
Can't decide whether it's a motorcycle or a band. Either way it's pretty out there.

Ohhh yes please. let me out
My mate used to own one of these, I never got on well with it, as it felt too much like a moto crosser, it went well there was no argument, but i couldn't get it, looking at this picture I can see why people do.

A blokes bike........

On any Sunday over the Rimutakas I reckon.

This looks like fun

Imagine trying to build this today at the cost they built it for then. You just wouldn't be able to do it.

Nothing new to see here eh? Oh wait.....
MT01, a stunning and vastly underrated motorcycle

These things were epic in the day.

Harris framed Ducati's where are they now?

Amazing really, you'd think, or perhaps not

The new street fighter, looks pretty good, but what to do with 215 Hp eh?

I just couldn't imaging lifting that lump into the air, but then they used to do it with Harleys, so what do I know.

Great restorations end up looking like this

Another lizard doing it back in the day Dallas Rankin on his Kawasaki at Manfield.

 Must have snapped the clutch cable on the start at full noise


When you are cool, you are cool, no matter what decade

 That looks pretty flimsy to me


Just stunning, I was offered one of these about 15 years ago for $12000

Well cool outfit

 Giacomo Dunlop?

Pub food, miss that

Now ain't that just purdie?

 There's nout like a good cottage pie

They have something, don't you think?

It used to be all the rage in the UK late seventies early 80's.
How to flood a Ducati

Perfection for a standard production bike, a little special sure, but they have that race bike heritage and it's just so simple

Look at the work that's gone into this

My first outing on my brand spanking new 900SS. Flat slides, full floating brembos, conti race system, it was a shit load of fun

 Where old meets new and you can tell they are from the same family

 The first time I ever saw this image was this week. Robert was happy, we were just the village idiots in the background

And finally a thought for the boys who laid down their lives so we could have ours