Saturday, 31 August 2019

Middle of the week, just gashed my hand on the inside edge of a sharp engine case, bitten big time and right across three knuckles, you know the ones you have to bend every time you grab something, so I can see this taking a while to heal. What was I thinking, apparently;y nothing haha. Well this week has been a bit strange with the news of Bruce Anstey winning his TT race and  at the same time hearing of Chris Swallows untimely death at the same race meeting. The pleasure and the pain. I've seen lots of reports about Chris's untimely passing and the howls from some quarters to ban the races. All I can say, is the riders know what is there, they accept the inherent dangers of the place, when they come away from the races, they experience such incredible emotions of having raced, beaten and conquered the IOM, climbed the Everest of motorcycle racing. They know it dangerous and some unfortunately pay the ultimate price, thats written in the acceptance of going there to race. But it's for the emotions, the people, the place, the race, that racers go, and you will never stop that.
Actually as I write this, the reasons above, all be it at a fair lessor level are the exact same reasons why people love riding motorcycles, underneath the skin of the sport, there is an inherent danger in it, and after a long hard days riding with your mates you do get to experience the feelings and emotions of beating the odds and surviving to ride another day. Some people just have the need to take these emotions, this comradeship, this family just that little bit further, we call them racers, and all are prepared to take that risk on. So will you stop the IOM, no, because there are always people who are prepared to push that envelope and go that bit further. God I love it.


They don't have to be big to be cool

Lovely shot of a Ducati

How come clowns look less frightening wheel standing a Monkey bike down the Douglas promenade?

Very pretty, love these bikes
Dovi having some quarter raro issues ay Silverstone.