Monday, 30 June 2014

A rather large guzzi weekly this week, but only because the more depraved among you demand more girls  shit this isn't playboy or hustler ( a nice little 250cc Suzuki by the way), but I have capitulated and there are some really nice ones this week. i also had a whole bunch of images left over from a weekly installment that I didn't get around to using. I had an interesting weekend this past just gone, went dirt bike riding for the first time in shit 8-9 years and I learnt a very important and humbling lesson about being 'bike fit'. Which I was not. I was surprised that I didn't burst my lungs and my foo foo valve was certainly hanging out. It's all very good to jump on an adventure bike or your cafe bike and go for a ride, but this seriously fucked me over. lesson learnt = go get fit.

I'm trying to get my gloves off here, but I can't because my hands have stopped working properly. This is my 98th bike now, I like it a lot but it did not prove to be too strong mechanically.

 Hadn't even started and had to make adjustments. You know there's a certain smell that muddy wet dirt bikes makes, it's one you love, but you never miss. Those of you who have pulled a hot steamy one from the boggy mess will know what I mean.

Who'd of thought eh, but he can't take it any higher.

Nah sorry unless your crossing a stream, there is no way you roll your trousers up, this is just GAY

Sade sang a song about this.

 Hells Angel circa mid 60's, bit of a tough looking bugger you'd have to say. I don't think those fresh breath minties would work on this dude. Hello? Thump
Everyone should have one of these in their garage.

 Bwaahaaahaaaa, I wonder what this guy is doing today?
I can understand rolling your trousers up if your on a bike, but the moment you get off, you roll them down.

Nice shot of speed, you cant see it, you cant feel it, but you know it's there

Just for my mate Double A, so that he could have a smile today.

Tell me these young boys in this flying crew ( average age 18) weren't the bravest bastards on the planet, now days you'd be lucky to get them out onto the back lawn.

For my mate Dennis, like the writing under the seat edge.

For my mate Mike.

There's clean builds and clean builds, this is what I talk about when I say you can build a bike right or you can fuck it up, by not doing this properly. This one is done right.

 What a shot

Way down deep inside

 Never get into cars with strangers offering sweets.........
Yeah Right.................

What was I supposed to be doing this morning...........Hmmmmm

 Who can remember when we all looked like this in the weekends
And when we all did this.

Had one of these as well, ring dingers

Wished I had these on the few occasions when I'd been out riding.

 Time for a coffee, always time to stop and have a rest and make sure that mere  mortals can check you and your bike out, because you are not like them, you are a hardened seasoned motorcycling bad bastard who rails against the MAN and breaks the law as well as the hearts of every little lady in every little town you visit, then you order a decaf soya 1/2 shot moccha frappa chino with cream. Go hard.

 Back in the day when we wore multi colored leathers and helmets were hard to put on

Been here more times than I care to remember, it ended with the following options !) on your arse real hard, 2) slapping front end down so hard you crush your nuts and smash your face into the bars, 3) you come down so hard your feet come off the pegs, you pull the bars sideways and end up crashing your brains out.
Then you end up doing it like this, yeah....

A motley crew of riders if ever these was......

One guy from the image above is in this image, and there's some pretty fast guys behind him. Ah....

I remember going into this place, staying for about ohhh 3 minutes, and as we left we got spat at, and generally abused by the locals. Guess 3 skinny white guys we should never have gone there.

Sorry, but I know this person has put a lot into their pride and joy, but this is just UGLY

This is just beautiful

Lovely little SR600 , well nice.

My mate had one of these, it was a dog, wheels fell off of it, diffs blew apart, electrics were a fucken joke, the guy that bought it off him blew the water pump off on the way to the ferry. But when they went, they went real well. I recall being on the Himitangi straights going to Manfield for a days bike racing ( what else, a 6 hours actually), sitting on the back and taking a photo at 125mph, it was pretty exciting.

This is a hark back to a golden day image, where people got dressed up to go to the airport, and you were allowed knitting needles on planes.

A Vincent in an Indian, this is actually quite nice.

Nice wheels

This made me laugh a new GSXR750 about to be released

These things were just awful when the came out, but the iteration below is actually quite nice

What it takes to build a race bike

One of the nicest engines to come out of England

I like the look of these rods

A great Selfie.

This is a pretty neat little Honda, well done that builder

Beeartch, I had a girl do this to me when I was a dirty little dispatch rider in London, she came out of this shop on the Kings Road Chelsea covered in shopping bags, fur flying and threw it all that into the back of the open top Roller, turned to me, laughed and blew me a kiss just like this. I looked in the mirror, I was covered in London Street grime, bleached blond hair in the style of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust ( hey its what you did) with a tab between my lips looking far to fucking handsome, and I just laughed at her.

Now she is pretty

This is a gearbox for those of you who wonder what they look like, pretty cool stuff really. Who thinks of these?

Nice workshop, very nice workshop.

Laverda niceness.


I knew that the ending would make you smile. See you next week.