Monday, 26 September 2016

Interesting week, with the warmer weather on it's way ( apparently), there seems to be a whole lot more activity in the motorcycle scene. Sold a number of bikes this week which is good, after all it's what I do here, so had some happy people through the doors. I must say it's always great to not only sell the bikes, but to meet the people and just have a chat and a beer with them as well. You meet some great people that's for sure. I am glad I don't have the pressure of a big motorcycle outlet where it's all about numbers, I prefer the 'it's all about people' side of things. Like the two young guys who picked up the Husky SMR610 today. It's good to see a couple of young guys who know and understand what the weapon is that they just bought. Smiles all round from one old hooligan to two young ones. "Take it easy" I said, they just gave me that knowing smile that says that they will do anything but. Good on em. Well here we are a week closer to Christmas, and Wanganui. Can't wait.
Got all my T shirts organised this week too, and new signage for the front of the shop, so it's all been go. Call by if your this way, always willing to stop work ( did I just say that haha), and have a chat. So on with the blog, get some inspiration, check out the images and have a great time.

Fools and fire, what a great mix.

500 million Euro's and it's all yours. What it must be to not only have the money, but to have the were with all to use it and to allow people to design and build stuff like this, what a thrill.

Cracking color scheme.

This is also a really nice paint scheme too.

Weldporn is right

How nice is this?

R1 niceties

laying pennies is what this is called. A true artist in metal

From the fires to
this,  Marvic's factory pouring out lightweight rims

A very very nice Guzzi

One of my all time favourites

Check the work on this machine

A very nice Ducati, love the paint scheme.

Guy looking rather pensive on his land speed attempt, great shot
A mans bike

Nice Triumph

Can you feel it.

 Fantastic shot, check out the deformation of the rear tyre.

 Now that takes balls, I'd be back in pit lane looking for the bar, saying "fuck that".

 This Guzzi is uber uber tidy, I love it

 Mmmmmmm me want

 That's a pretty big remote controlled toy right there.

 Now I really dig this bike, what fantastic work. Love that front fairing
 1 owner since new 20000 miles and so so original
 Check out this builders designwork.


 All your Ducks in a row.