Thursday, 30 January 2020

Hello to the faithful, how's your week gone? I'm sitting here waiting for my engine to arrive back from the Guzzi cafe, so don't have that much to get on with at present. The Guzzi has been sitting languishing on my bench now for some time, so I guess it's just a matter of being patient and twiddling my thumbs. I read my first motorcycle magazine this last week, and I am amazed at the raft of new motorcycles that are coming out. The thing that amazes me most of all, is that the bikes appear to be getting smaller in capacity, lighter in weight and faster. There seemed to be a lot of discussions over the demise of the big bike industry and all the reasons as to why this segment seems to be dying with sales numbers dropping through the floor. It's easier to blame all sorts of things and reasons why, but I think primarily it's because the demographic of a motorcyclist is that we are all getting older, and handlebars down low putting pressure on your wrists and back is just getting too much. So as a result the handle bars are coming up, the seats are getting wider and the speeds these things are able to reach is much more rational. Shit, I remember touring on RZ500's, 1100 katanas, GSXR1100's and even my trusty old 916, and 996's. Now it's BMWF800GS's, KTM GT's, and large bore adventure type bikes. The thing that I have noticed in conjunction with this, is that back in the shed there are a whole lot of older 'classic' type motorcycles that are pulled out on a Saturday for those short beats around the local vicinity, and you see them all the time at cafes or at bars on the sides of the roads as you cruise through. Just last week I saw a couple of old Guzzi's, sitting with an early model Ducati 750SS, and an H1 Kawasaki outside a cafe in Putaruru. It was great to see then out and being used.. Then on the way home 2 MHR Ducatis being ridden with some speed and alacrity towards Rotorua. So dont despair , get your classics out, and if you don't have one, get one, and relive the joys of tending an engine as you ride. You wont regret it. Anyways here's this weeks blog, enjoy.

I know it's been on here before. but isn't it beautiful

if you remember these you are officially old

Wanganui, it's a colorful wee town in New Zealand that holds the greatest street race in the world, every year

Heaven on a wrench

One very very very cool trailer

Well. that's all folks, heading to Auckland tomorrow for the classic meeting, so this installment comes out a day or so early. There might be a bit of a gap over the next few weeks as I am about to buy a house/home and no doubt the moving will be a bit of an issue. Then there will be internet issues, and set up issues I am sure, so bear with me as things happen. Enjoy your riding, your mates, and your time on the bike, we only get one chance with no warranties, or returns, this is it, so take advantage of it all. See you all very soon.