Sunday, 24 February 2019

Well here we are another week has gone by. It's been a relatively good week, the MHR that I am restoring is completely apart. It was a mission for me with many breaks to catch my breath and to get organised, but it's all away at blasters, powder coaters and painters now, so a fair bit accomplished. The custom has ground to a halt as I wait for the paint work to be done and returned. Looking forward to that. The other thing I'm pleased about is that now that i have stopped importing and selling bikes, I don't have so many stupid questions being asked of me, and my frustration levels have gone through the floor. Sometimes I just cant believe the questions people ask. I was selling a trailer last month, it had a fold down ramp, the operative word here is down. I had some guy ask me if the ramp swung out of the way. I wanted to say "no mate it's fixed in place and I throw the bikes over the top of it". This despite the description saying fold down ramp. Arrrgggghhhhhh , it was enough to drive me crazy. Then the other night I am getting texts at 12.15 and when I don't respond immediately I get this text " OK if your not going to bother answering me I'll buy else where". I mean really? The auction was for a $300 headlight fairing for a 999. Go some where else then. Did a ride down to Wellington with a couple of the Lizards last weekend, great ride down, arse gave up at Taupo on the way home, plenty of bikes on the road, which were predictably shit with potholes uneven surfaces and bloody gravel. But the weather was fantastic, warm, dry, it rained for about ohhh 2 seconds then was gone. Loved the Paraparas, what a great road, and of course the Kaimais are always a nice way to finish a ride home. So there it is, or more to the point here it is, enjoy ,re-post, share, buy a T shirt, bring your bike around, call in say G'Day. So here's the blog, committed to bringing to you our life style, the way we live, the way we ride, what we eat, what we like looking at, the bikes the ladies, all the good things in life.

He won't be standing in the background for too much longer


 The ultimate lane splitter

 Great shot

 When I was 10, I used to do this, but without the bike haha

 That's cool


 This is the motorcycle that got me into Ducati, and into racing seeing it race at Ruapuna, it was as the name suggest EPIC.

 Nobody does it better

 Bella moto

 Well Ok, that's me for this week, now get out there and ride, no wait get out there and race, it's always a race isn't it? be careful and remember share, re post, spread the word about our little corner of the www.